Manchester Restaurants

If you are looking for idyllic locations in Manchester and have in mind the experiences you had in Paris or Barcelona, then you might be disheartened.  There is no dearth of iconic landmarks in the city, but if you are out on a date, then it is better to turn indoors and look for a cosy and romantic evening in some of the famed restaurants of the city. The fame that these restaurants have earned is as much for its food and drinks as it is also for providing the most friendly ambience that perfectly suits a romantic date. These restaurants can easily find its place among the romantic restaurants in Manchester and can give the money’s worth to couples who want to celebrate a night that they will remember for a long time.

Epernay Champagne Bar

If there is, one thing that the Petersfield district has contributed to the pride of Manchester, it is the Epernay Champagne Bar. Here you will find the most elaborate list of a variety of champagnes that you can enjoy with your partner in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere that borders on luxury. Those who are on the lookout for a sophisticated date and want to get intimate with their partners in an environment that allow complete privacy, Epernay is the obvious choice. The selection of vintage champagne will surely surprise you, and the fabulous cocktails will simply spoil you with choices. The low-level lighting accompanied sets the romantic tone and tenor of the place with jazz music to complement it. The champagne brunch has become the signature of the site.

Cloud 23

How about having your first date at the highest place in Manchester? Cloud 23 is the perfect place that you are looking for. Located on the 23rd floor of the legendary Beetham Tower and overlooking the cityscape, you can hardly think of a better romantic setting to spend time with your partner. Enjoy the idyllic panorama of the city by taking a seat on the floor to ceiling windows. Stimulate your senses with exotic bar food and soak in the theatrical cocktails to make the occasion most memorable.

Linen restaurant

The lone candle on each table that keeps flickering tamely creates the most romantic ambience that sets the tone for a perfect date. The stylish interiors are made of steel girders exposed deliberately and well supported by the sleek wooden tables to create a space that is highly inviting. The atmosphere inside the bar is like a world away from what you have seen around the place where it is located. Guests are served with contemporary cuisine who can select from the menu of European dishes. The selection of desserts is quite tantalizing while the beef cheek bourguignon is a not to miss item.

Stock Restaurant

Located in the most un-romantic place like the Manchester Stock Exchange, a Stock restaurant is an epitome of grace and elegance.  The sublime dishes are served under the massive dome that forms the roof of the restaurant. Leather upholstered furniture and luxurious furnishings in pale colours create the romantic vibes of the place.


About the author:

Tom Anderson is a chef who also loves to review restaurants, and knows how to find the best romantic restaurants in Manchester. He enjoys playing the guitar and is a self-confessed musician.