Whether you have been planning for Mother’s Day since the previous year or you usually forget the holiday and run around like a headless chicken looking for a gift, doing something to show your mom you love her is crucial. Surprise your mother with a gift, meal, note, trip or by miraculously doing some chores so that she can relax on this important day.

Gifts for Moms to Guarantee an Awesome Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day gifts do not have to cost a fortune or be complex. The most important thing is to make sure that any gift you get for your mother is thoughtful and meaningful. Consider the things that mom would like and spare some time to gather ideas.

Purchasing a Gift

  • When you want to purchase a gift for Mother’s Day, it is always a good idea to look for something that you are sure she will like or has always wanted. Buying special items that she would not ordinarily buy because of budgetary constraints is a good option.
  • If you are unable to identify specific things she wants, consider her interests. For example, if she enjoys gardening, give her an item that she can use in her garden.
  • Buy her a selection of gifts that includes her favorite things such as wine, chocolate, flowers and accessories. The effort you make to pick each individual item will be appreciated.

Getting Creative

Get creative by making a personalized gift for mom. Even if your artistic skills may be questionable, the thought of you putting some together is precious. Paintings, poetry, carvings and a montage or collage of photos of you together are worthwhile ideas. This is not only a cost-effective option but it will also mean the world to her to know that you specifically made something for her. Other things you can do include making cards, compiling videos, journals and portraits.

Special Meal for Mother’s Day

No celebration can be complete without a meal and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to work on your cooking skills. Hopeful you know your mom’s favorite food and you can choose the meal you want or devote the day to making her all the main meals of the day.

Breakfast in bed is considered to be a classic treat for Mother’s Day. Remember to clean up after preparing and serving the meal. For people who are not sure about what to do in a kitchen try out some online recipes or ask other family members and friends for help. If a home made meal is not a viable option, you can take her out to eat at a restaurant of her choice.

Spa Treatment

Invest in luxurious spa treatment so that she can enjoy a relaxing massage, manicure, pedicure and facial. A good way to show mom appreciation is by pampering her. This is a chance for her to sit back and be taken care of.


  • When you know the type of flowers your mom likes, a bouquet of her favorite selection is the ultimate gift. You have the option of presenting a bouquet that has been wrapped up or putting the flowers in a vase, which will serve as two gifts in one.
  • If you are not sure about the flowers she wants, go ahead and ask her for future reference. Mothers always appreciate when their loved ones remember the things they like.
  • If you are unable to present the flowers to her physically, there are delivery services that you can hire.  Florists are available to deliver flowers on your behalf and often have special Mother’s Day deals. Roses and chocolates for mother’s day are always a great idea.

Share Memories

Set some time aside on Mother’s Day to let your mom know you care by reminiscing about special moments that you have shared and the impact that various memories have had on your life. Mothers need assurance that you value them and the time you spend together.

Hand-Written Notes

Fill the house with thoughtful and personal notes that highlight your mom’s qualities and the special things that she has done for you over the years. From being there when you were recovering from surgery to cooking delicious meals every Christmas, these are examples of specific messages that you can write.

Hand-written notes do not have to be complicated or full of endless sentences. Simply express your love and best wishes for the day. You can also write a list of reasons why you value her. Accompany the note with flowers and any other gift she may like. Many people choose to post Mother’s Day messages on their social media accounts but a Facebook post pales in comparison to a note that is personally delivered.


Record a video of various loved ones such as the husband, children and siblings talking about how much they love her. Post a video online or send it to her if she does not want to share it publicly. A specially made video can be a pleasant surprise that she was definitely not expecting.

Mother’s Day Visit

If you live far away from your mom or in a different area, surprise her with a visit on Mother’s Day. Show up with flowers and a treat. Proper planning will ensure that you mother is around when you go to see her. You can spend the entire weekend together and make sure that she has a relaxing and fun-filled experience.

Spending Time with Mom

Take care of your obligations before Mother’s Day. Do not make any other plans and let your mom know that you will be spending the day with her. Take her out to dinner, a concert or any other activity that she can enjoy. This is a gesture she can appreciate and she is bound to be excited about spending time with together.

Spending quality time certainly does not mean staring at your phone or browsing the internet. Put away your phone and give you mom all your attention. If your mother prefers to remain in bed on Mother’s Day, read, watch television or go to a spa, make the required arrangements. This is her day and all plans should be made according to her needs.

Give Mom a Break

Help your mother with chores by telling her that you will do them for her on Mother’s Day. Begin by waking up early to prepare a scrumptious breakfast and do nay things that she had planned to do such as cleaning the house, laundry and yard work. She will appreciate the day off and a moment to lay back.