5 Signs Your Loved One Has a Drinking Problem

Consuming drugs and certain foodstuffs excessively

One easy way of noticing an early addiction is when your loved one is running out of medication and takes excess amounts of water. Alcoholic addicts quickly find themselves consuming painkillers excessively as they have more frequent headaches and withdrawal symptoms. As such, you will quickly find addicts getting medication from different doctors and shops so as to hide the abnormal intake of drugs.

Frequently check on the level of drugs on the cabinet, especially painkillers and you will have an early lead on whether your loved is onto drinking challenges. During the first days of addiction, the addict may be discrete enough to hide the consumption of drugs, but as time goes by the situation will usually get out of hand and you will be able to see the disappearance of drugs from the drugs cabinet.

Hiding items within sight

Alcoholics often find themselves making uninformed decisions as they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As such, in their effort to become discrete they hide substances in areas likely to be easily found. You are likely to find empty alcohol cans in the fridge and in the kitchen or other hiding places, like a backpack, under the bed, closets or a drawer.

Watch out for alcohol spills in the bedroom, backyard and other places they are likely to be especially when alone. However, you should be careful in your routine check since if they notice you are sniffing around, they will become discrete in how they dispose of their cans, making it harder to help them.

Missing Items

Alcoholism is not a very cheap venture; it requires extra money to maintain the habit. As such, addicts are likely to steal some of the household items to get more cash to finance alcoholism. In the event they are working, you will easily find them failing to pay some of their bills or exhausting their pay before the end of the month. Hence, if you find your loved one struggling with acute money shortages, it is time you have a closer look at them, and you are likely to find they have developed a drinking problem. Some of the victims will go into borrowing money without any valid reason. When borrowing does not seem to work, they are forced to steal to get extra money. Hence, when you notice missing items in your house, it is time you have a closer look.

Physical indicators

Persons with drinking problems hardly have enough time to take care of their looks. You are likely to notice red eyes due to lack of sleep, un-kept hair, dirty shirts, and unpolished shoes. Such signs tell all is not well, and you should approach the person with respect and love to avoid pushing them into more addiction.

Changes in attitude

One of the early signs of addiction is a complete change in attitude towards people and things. For example, an addict will get angry for no valid reason. In addition, he or she may often ignore responsibilities at home, their job, or school giving up on hobbies or things that they used to do. Temporary blackouts, forgetting things, mood swings, and being easily irritable are all common changes in behavior. If you notice any of these behaviors it does not necessarily mean your loved one is addicted to alcohol, but in most cases it is a sign of a drinking problem.