Buying gifts for the same person over the years gets harder and harder. It can be especially difficult if they’re a hardcore devotee of a certain fandom. A video game junkie can be expected to already have the latest generation of their console and the latest game in their favorite series.

What to buy someone who already has it all? Quirky and useful gadgets and merchandise! Merch comes in a seemingly infinite variety of styles, colors, and sizes, and can be collectibles or simply decorations. Here are some great gift ideas for gamers.

Gadgets & Appliances

The first order of business with any gift buying is to find out what your recipient counts as their most prized possessions and/or what they are looking forward to being able to buy in the near future. This way you can get them something related to a fandom they’re already a part of or something related to an upcoming release in a game franchise they’re eagerly awaiting. Star Wars video games are almost as popular as the films and are a good bet most of the time. Consider something both useful and decorative to help them kit out their living space, like a Darth Vader Toaster, or put in extra effort to combine two of their favorite fandoms with something like a Lego Star Wars Alarm Clock.

Cool Accessories and Clothes

Clothes and accessories are ideal for gamers who like to leave the house, especially those who dress up for conventions or LANs but may not have the biggest wardrobe. Why carry a laptop in a boring old bag when you can have Yoda carry it. What sense does it make to drink out of a regular glass when your World of Warcraft avatar is downing an epic fantasy beer stein? A Halo fan who wants a simple outfit to wear to the next convention – or just an upgrade of his/her current one – can get a Halo Helmet modeled after Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI head gear. More general internet and retro gaming toys, like iPhone App fridge Magnets or 8-bit style Pixel Pal plastic toys are also available for an extra touch.

Walk On the Wild Side

You could also go for a quirkier gift like Lightsaber Chopsticks or Feisty Pets: deceptive plush animals which scowl and reveal their sharp teeth when squeezed. Just make sure – with these zanier ones –that your recipient actually has a use for them, unless you’re going for a joke gift. If you want to go really wacky, or border into the joke gift realm, Reddit Alien Soap comes in flavors as diverse as “Intergalactic Spice” to bacon. It’s always a good idea to check the seller’s return policy just in case.  

Rare and Retro Games

One way to avoid the problem of not being able to buy them new games is to get them older or rarer console games if they play retro games on, for example, a Playstation One or Nintendo 64. You can get bundles of old-school games from flea markets or eBay, just make sure that they’re of good quality and that you get a few dozens of them because some of these older releases aren’t so good.

Make sure to do careful research to make sure your gift matches your recipient’s fandom, needs, and style. Facebook is your friend. Good luck!