Despite the biting cold and dark days of late winter, don’t forget that summer is a few short months away. Instead of worrying about obtaining that beach-ready body ― because all bodies are bikini-perfect already ― you should be worrying about finding the right swimsuit for the season.

Like your body, fashion changes year-to-year, and the raggedy one-piece you sported last year will look worn and outdated when you are finally warm enough to hit the water.

To avoid looking obsolete on the beach or at the pool, you need to stay ahead of the fashion curve. This guide to the hottest swim trends will keep you looking fresh no matter where you take a dip.

1. Bridal Bikinis

Perhaps due to the influence of destination beach weddings or the recent interest in swimsuit detail, one of this year’s hottest swim trends is utterly bridal. White, beaded, and lacy suits transform any woman into a beautiful bride of the beach. It matters little whether you wear a two-piece or a one-piece, a halter or an off-shoulder ― as long as the suit is white, intricate, and pretty, you are definitely on-trend.

2. Nude Beach

Thanks to this emerging style, you might feel comfortably clothed even on some of Europe’s most scandalous beaches. Showing skin has been popular with bathing attire since the early 20th century, but covering up in skin tones is definitely trendy. Nude-colored swimsuits are attractively neutral, so you can dress them up with any hats, cover-ups, sandals, or sarongs you desire. You should look primarily for one-pieces with deep V-necklines, but an eye-catching two-piece works, too.

3. Perfect Prints

Because swimsuits use relatively little material, they have the luxury of looking great in all sorts of wild and striking prints. This year, animal prints are once again exceedingly popular, but their familiarity has incited many designers to place them on suits with interesting or uncommon cuts. If you are still drawn to leopard or tiger print, you should try to find a style that has a noteworthy feature, such as a high waist, lacing, long sleeves, or cut-outs.

Other prints are popular as well, and many of them fail to fall into such a broad category. Chevron stripes or other geometrics, global ethnic patterns, florals, tie-dye, and others are all in-style; as long as you adhere to a notably trendy brand, like La Blanca, you should stay on trend.

4. Tassels

If you enjoy adorning your swimwear with additional details, you will love this year’s hot swim ornament. Tassels are a great way to accessorize, generally hanging all over this year’s swim style, and are undeniably fun.

Admittedly, tasseled suits aren’t ideal for actually swimming, but for all those pool, lake, and beach days when you have no intention of getting wet, you might consider trying the tassel.

5. Chic Sheer

In all other clothing, from shirts to socks, sheer materials have been in-use and on-trend for years. However, it was not until this year that designers finally sanctioned sheer swimsuits. In many ways, the use of sheer materials allows swimsuits to be more comfortable and concealing because there is material covering what would otherwise be a skin-revealing cut-out or thin, biting strap. You might try on a sheer crop-top bikini or deep V-neck onesie.

6. Halter Happiness

In the traditional sense, halters are used in most swimsuit styles because they are the most convenient for adjusting skimpy clothes to diverse bodies. However, this year, the high-necked halter has seen a revival, so those who love showing off their shoulders can rejoice.  These halters are only subtly revealing, using lacing and crochet cut-outs to add extra design. You should steer toward bright colors and big patterns, since there is so much fabric to display.

7. Strapping Success

As with sandals and heels, swimsuits are experiencing a strapping revolution. Using laces to cinch up the sides, these trendy one- and two-pieces show skin without leaving embarrassing bulges or gaps. Ultimately, straps along the sides make for a more conservative swimsuit ― even if it doesn’t look that way. The lacing alone is enough to look at, so you should stick with solid colors for this style.

Additionally, wrapping fabric before tying or fastening it is a popular style for bikini tops. Likely an evolution of the ballerina fitness trend, wrapped tops in swimsuits are sexy and chic. You can get away with some pretty funky patterns with wrapped bikinis, or you can look elegant in pale solids.