How to Choose the Best Shoes for Zumba

Zumba dance is a fitness program that was created by a Columbian choreographer, intended to combine fitness with fun. This combination of dance and exercise is very popular, and about 15 million people take weekly Zumba classes in over 200,000 places spread throughout more than 170 plus countries.  To help facilitate this workout, “Zumba Shoes” were designed.

Without having proper shoes for Zumba you cannot have a good time, because you will not be able to perform dance moves in the appropriate manner and soon your feet will be uncomfortable.  The best Zumba shoes are not particularly expensive, but still you should consider the following key points:


How the shoes look does not matter when it comes to using while exercising – but when you are socializing with other people while doing aerobics, you should have something you feel comfortable wearing. So, look for shoes that fit your style.

Pivot Point:

Zumba is a high intensity aerobic in which there are a lot of quick moves, pivoting, sliding and transferring from one move to another.  Try to find  shoes with good pivot points so that you don’t damage your legs or feet. Better pivots means better execution of dance moves.

Cushioning and Padding:

Padding and cushioning are a very important aspect.  Zumba involves high impact while you dance, so your shoes should be well cushioned. Good padding at heel, midfoot and balls of feet will ensure healthy dance practice.


A good arch support will be helpful to have in your Zumba shoes, but you especially need arch support if you are flat footed. Ankle support is also required to have in Zumba shoes or otherwise you may looking for an injury.


Make sure that your shoes are not loose fit and that they are properly fitted. Try shoes on before making a purchase, or you may face blisters or other discomfort.


Your shoes should be made of breathable material.  Zumba dancing is going to make you sweat, so good ventilation will be the best option to have in your shoes.

Ability of Shock Absorption:

Zumba may be hard on your feet because of its nature of moves.  The shoes you purchase should have a good sole that will protect the soft tissues beneath the foot. Sneakers with thick sole are a good choice.

Space for Toes:

On one side we account for snugness, while you also want to have plenty of space to relax your toes.


Lightweight shoes for Zumba are a good option, as they will not weigh down your feet as you dance and allow for easier movement.