Get Lit Shoes

In our childhood, light up shoes were very common, and kids were very fond of wearing them.  Now, not only can kids wear them, but there is also a trend of adults wearing these shoes.  Get Lit Shoes use LED neon lights to make a fashion statement for any age!

These shoes come with a chargeable battery in them, and the batteries are capable of running from 8 to 9 hours after they are fully charged. Moreover, there is an indicator which will let you now that whether the battery is charged or not. Even when the battery is completely drained, it just takes just a half hour to charge it back to full level.  There is a USB port on the side of these shoes which is used to charge the batteries.

These light up shoes are available in various styles like sneakers or joggers, and are generally intended for daily activities and exercise. You want to avoid wearing these shoes in watery places.  These shoes should not come in contact with water.  So while many of you wash sneakers when they get dirty, Get Lit shoes should be cleaned with a wet piece of cloth.  This may consume some time, but you want to take care as not to ruin the lights. Moreover, try to keep these shoes safe from excess temperatures, because exposure to high temperatures can damage the batteries.

These glowing shoes will definitely catch the attention of many people around you.  They come with a remote control that has lots of features.  This way, you can change to different colors as well as different light patterns, including smooth, flash, fade, and strobe.

These shoes are equally comfortable as compared to any other type of use, but all you need to do is to take care of them.  A little care for your shoes and they will serve you for a very long period of time.

Whether you are going for a jog or hanging out with friends, the Get Lit shoes are unique and eye-catching!