Big Chop Natural Hair

The Big Chop is a step towards your natural hair. When you are done experimenting your hair and want to have your hair back and give yourself all natural look then big chop is a gateway to that. Dyes and perms or rebounding all damages your hair since lots of chemicals are used in such processes.  Once that severe damage is done to your hair, to get rid of that you have to get rid of that damaged hair. The big chop is a big decision in a woman’s life since you are going to chop most of your hair, leaving behind just a little of the natural length that will eventually grow out to give you a natural look. 

Effects of Big chop in your personality

  • The first and the most significant indication of big chop is that it depicts the confidence a woman have in her as only a confident or fierce woman would take such a big step of cutting most of her hair.
  • Another thing about big chop is that it enhances woman’s natural features and beauty that mostly is covered up by a hair. So go ahead and wear hair bands, earrings, makeup products and enhance them with this new big chop.
  • Products work a lot better on natural hair as you then don’t have to deal with different hair textures. Now you don’t have to worry about the type of different products you need for styling hair – because after getting a big chop, you have minimal products for your natural hair.
  • After getting a big chop you also no longer have to worry about weather or getting your hairstyle ruined in the rain because even if they get wet your style is going to remain intact and you can restyle in a matter of seconds.
  • Getting a big chop also make you feel like a celebrity as it represents the courage you have in you, the courage that helped you take this big step chopping your hair off.
  • Big chop makes you look very fashionable, pretty and bold.
  • Big chop aids your natural hair to grow out and lets you get rid of modifications to your hair.

Since there is a positive and a negative side of everything, big chop also has some. The negative side of big chop is that there is a dislike about short hair for some people, and fewer styling options. 

Step by step tutorial for big chop

Following are some of the steps which you can do a big chop yourself:

  • The first step is to part your freshly washed hair into 4 sections. Part them in such a way that one partition is from one ear to another and another partition is in the midsection perpendicular to other partition. The partition should be accurate and exactly according to the described method.
  • Now once the 4 sections are formed the second step is about parting each section starting from the front right section. Part this section by drawing two lines forming three other sections in one large section.
  • After sectioning of these columns, section your hair in rows, forming small squares and put a rubber band on each square and cut these sections off leaving only natural hair behind.
  • In order to get a uniform haircut, align all the rubber bands together and repeat the process with other remaining sections.

In this way, you can get a perfect big chop yourself at home.