Coordinating Prom Dresses

Nowadays, most teen girls would rather die than show up at Prom in the same dress as another classmate. They often use social media to post photos of their dress as soon as they purchase it, which is often a method of staking their claim to that dress and saying that no one else can buy it. With all this competitiveness and cattiness over prom dresses, how can you help your daughter to work it if she and her BFF want to buy almost matching prom dresses?

Coordinating Matching Prom Dresses with The BFF

These days, it’s become the “in” thing for teens to wear matching prom dresses with their best friend. You’ll find dozens of pages on Pinterest, showing different styles in coordinating colors and ideas of how to make your daughter and her best friend the Belles of the ball.  To make the most of your prom dress search and see colorful dresses in both long and short styles, begin by looking at prom dresses online shop.

  • Opt for a long prom dress that’ll make them both feel like the center of attention with a dress from Alyce’s 2015 Prom line. If they are both slender with just the right curves, this mermaid-style gown was tailor made for them. It’s an elegant gown with a long tulle skirt and features both intricate beading and delicate beading. They come in softer colors like a light coral and nude, a soft turquoise, and nude or a black and nude.
  • Shop prom dresses by styles at Prom Dress Shop to find coordinating styles for the both of them. Consider choosing short flirty dresses like a Mori Lee Sticks & Stones dress, featuring a beaded bodice and a colorful chiffon skirt. This way, they could both buy the same dress but in different colors, such one of them wear the hot pink and the other one will wear the mint-colored one.
  • Don’t be offended if her BFF doesn’t want to dress alike. Some like Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210 believe that dressing alike went out of style when they were six and definitely shouldn’t be revisited now that they’re at least 16 years old.
  • If this is the case and the two of them have already bought their dresses, consider how you can make the dresses different. Is it feasible to add a ribbon sash to one or accessorize differently. Discuss which of them may opt to wear large statement pieces of jewelry, while the other keeps it more classic with a single, simple chain. Make them complete the look with coordinating shoes and an evening bag.

Is your daughter and her best friend the type that have dreamed forever about wearing matching prom dresses and taking prom dates that are best friends? If so, then they’ll both love the selection of colorful styles so they can each buy the same one but coordinating colors so they don’t totally look like identical twins. However, if one of them goofed, then you can help your daughter by sharing to her the tips we have listed above to make sure it’s not overly matchy-matchy.