Parental Controls

Before we begin, it is very important to determine that there is no such thing as 100% protection from any monitoring application. There is only so much that these monitoring software and applications can do to protect your kids from the imminent threats found on the internet. Even though they may not be a 100% protective, they are still almost 98% true in nature.  Therefore it all depends on the user and how well he or she understands the system in order to place sanctions in particular areas. Here are a few areas where monitoring applications have been found to work effectively.

Minimizing Online Risks

There are many online risks linked to your kids’ emotional and social safety. Kids that are actively found uploading their current locations are found to be highest on the lists of abductions. By tracking their whereabouts, criminals can derive a pattern of the kid’s whereabouts in an attempt to abduct them. Other online risks are linked to downloading content which would eventually alongside download a virus on to the computer. This virus can corrupt many areas of your computer. However with the help of monitoring applications and softwares, you can now block your any location updates from taking place from your kids’ gadgets. Moreover, monitoring software also manage to block certain downloads from occurring which would bring a virus along with them.

Ensuring Safety from Predators

Your kid’s internet activity is exposing him or her to many online predators and pedophiles. The people they are in contact with via social media sites, messaging and chat rooms, can lead them into serious trouble. These predators are said to feed on your kid’s insecurities and may encourage them to get into activities like uploading nude photos and many more. They target kids from chat rooms and different portals that your kid may be a part of for example fan pages. A little manipulation can lead the kids into talking and eventually even meeting these predators. With monitoring applications, as a parent you can know about our kid’s whereabouts, who are the people they are in contact with and what activities they are prominently pursuing.

Reveals Kids’ Location

After a certain age, kids get a little bit of independence from school car pools and supervised trips to the mall. Sometimes its voluntary and sometimes parents cannot help it because they are so busy with their work. In either case having a monitoring application installed on your kids’ phone will keep you updated about their every location. It will also notify you when your child is low on battery so you can call them and tell them to return home immediately. Who your children hang out with and where will help you determine a lot about what your kids are involved in currently. Being aware of your kids location will not only give you some semblance of peace but can also help you discuss dangerous zones with your child.

Some monitoring applications also allow parents to set dangerous zone boundaries via the monitoring application. This means if your kid enters this zone, you will be automatically notified. Another setting also helps you set some coordinates like school, home, mall and many more where once the child has reach, you will be notified automatically.

Keeping Track of Uploads and Downloads

Initially when your child enters the social media arena, they will be tempted to upload and download everything and anything that they find “cool”. However, there is a limit to what they should and should not upload online. The internet is not a safe place and uploading pictures and videos is allowing strangers to enter into your personal life. These pictures can be downloaded externally and used for criminal activities as well. With monitoring applications, you can inhibit the amount and kind of uploads that would take place from the gadgets provided to your kid. Monitoring applications also make a backup of all the media that your kid is attempting to upload in order to notify you.

Moreover, at this age children usually want to explore different arenas and may tumble upon adult sites. Some may try to download media from these places which would prove harmful in the long run. By downloading material from these websites you are providing them with you IP address which is a sensitive and personal thing. Monitoring applications, adequately block certain downloads from happening from certain sites.

Parental controls may not provide 100% protection but have proven to be at least 98% worthy and as long as you are aware of your kids’ activities and whereabouts, the rest can be managed and maintained easily.

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