Exploding Straws: A Game for the Whole Family

All you need are straws. Just be sure you use the straight straws. You DON’T want the ones that bend. Cut each straw in half. Each person needs their own half straw. Have each person stand in a circle facing inward. Have them place one finger pointing out on each hand. One hand faces up […]

The Kids Are Out of School – Fun Things To Do

The kids are out of school. That means they are now home ALL day, ready for some holiday fun. It is a great time of year to draw closer to one another, serve others and have some fun. It is not too late to fill your families days with activities together, all the way through […]

Kids Activities Series: Fun School

It’s not your regular school – it’s fun school (aka all the activities that didn’t fit anywhere else or I had left out for some reason or another).  This is also the last post in this series.  What fun this has been for me to post!   Science Grow a garden in a ziplock bag. […]

Kids Activities Series: Boxes and Tubes

Ever wonder what to do with all your old boxes, tubes, and containers?  Well, wonder no more, and I’ll tell ya! Use old boxes to make vehicles (buses, trains, cars) for the kids to play in.  Cut out appropriate holes and decorate with paint, wallpaper, wrapping paper, or construction paper.  We made a train from […]

Kids Activities Series: Fun with Color

There are probably more than enough ways for your creative little artist to make a mess color in this post! 1. Pictures with colored glue:  Use food coloring on regular Elmer’s glue and finger paint a picture.   When painted on a plastic sheet, the picture can be peeled off when it dried. 2. Marble painting: […]

Kids Activities Series: Sunny Beach Day!

Frugal Family Fun Blog has another great idea (especially when it’s cold or rainy outside)… For more fun ideas in this series, click here. Designate an area in your home for your “beach” and start decorating (get the kids’ help, of course). Lay out towels and an umbrella.  Put on your bathing suits and sunglasses. Turn on and […]

Kids Activities Series: Let’s Get Physical!

Looking for ways to get the kids (or yourself) off the couch?  Sixteen simple solutions ahead.  Just one thing…don’t be a spectator.  Immerse yourself in play! 1. Do yard work together.  Rake the leaves (we call it “brushing grass hair”), water the lawn/plants, prune the branches from the bushes (kids can use pretend scissors or kid […]

Kids Activities Series: Beans and Rice and Corn, Oh My!

Here are just a few things you can do with varieties of beans, rice or popcorn (all dry and uncooked/unpopped, of course!)… Empty coffee cans make great instruments when filled with beans, rice, or popcorn!  So do paper plates.  Decorate two paper plates, fill with beans, rice, and/or popcorn, and staple them together to make tambourines. Sorting exercise: […]

Kids Activities Series: Fossil Dig

Our next idea in the “Activity Series” comes from Valerie of Frugal Family Fun Blog, a fantastic blog packed-full of free or cheap craft and activity ideas for your kids. It’s a must-read! (Plus, I’m partial to her name!) First, you’ll need to find some sand for this activity… park, sand volleyball court, beach, etc.Second, you’ll need “fossils,” […]

Kids Activities Series: Kites

Are Maya-made ideas not THE BEST?  I just can’t get enough of them in our Activities Series!  Here’s a perfect, easy project for this windy spring weather!  It’s so simple and takes only a few minutes to make.  And it’s perfect for little kids as a first kite.  Did I mention how easy it is to make? […]

Kids Activities Series: Edible Aquarium

A post from Jessica at Boy Terrain.  Looking for other fun ideas? Click here to find more in our “Activities Series.” I found this fantastic see-through blue container at the Dollar Tree as well as the plastic water animals. I washed those items really, really well before anything else Then the boys helped me make jello […]

Kids Activities Series: Food Fun

Abandon what your mother told you long ago about playing with your food. Next up in our Activities Series is fun with food.  (Yep, it’s really okay to play with your food.) Hula hot dogs… Have the kids poke raw spaghetti through their hot dogs. Boil the decorated hot dogs.  Voila!  An entertaining lunch of hula-skirted hot dogs!  You can also do this same method to make squid hot dogs (just cut the hot dogs into several small […]

Kids Activities Series: Aqua Scope

Another ingenious Maya-made idea… This is a fabulous way to reuse your old plastic yogurt containers.  The kids can make and decorate these aqua viewers to observe underwater life in a nearby creek or pond (be sure to supervise young children well).  Find the complete instructions at Maya-Made. Looking for other fun ideas? Click here to find […]

Kids Activities Series: Summer Pavilion

Maya‘s idea for this simple summer pavilion is fabulous and inviting… All you need to make this is rope or twine, an old sheet, garden stakes or poles, rubber bands, blankets/cushions, and decorations.  Couple the pavilion with these snacks, and the kids will feel like royalty!  Get the complete, step-by-step instructions here. Looking for other fun ideas? Click here to find more in our “Activities Series.”

Kids Activities Series: Rainy Day Race Track

I saw this idea a while ago and I can’t remember where I saw it but I love it!!  It is the perfect rainy day activity to do with two little boys. I started the tape in the middle of our stair case and it goes in front of the couch, loops in a circle, […]

Kids Activities Series: Goopy Fun

If you are not of the squeamish variety, you will enjoy watching your kids play with these “goopy” ideas in our Activities Series. Photo by Morgan Did you know there is more than one way to make Oobleck (more scientifically classified as “green goop” or “swamp slime”)? You can use cornstarch or use borax and glue.  It’s quite a gooey hit especially […]

Kids Activities Series: Flower People

Maya finds happiness in making unique children’s spaces, toys and clothing. Visit her blog for some more inspirational ideas. Take a look at this beautiful project that is perfect for spring. All you have to do is collect blossoms: And then make people like these: More pictures of flower peeps here. Looking for other fun ideas? Click here to find more in our “Activities Series.”

Kids Activities Series: Letterboxing

Carissa, one of our veteran guest bloggers, has a great idea for our “Activities Series.” Letterboxing 101 “Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby that combines elements of orienteering, art and puzzle solving.” (wikipedia.org) Letterboxing is a relatively old activity that dates back to 1854 in Dartmoor, England when a gentleman left his calling card inside a […]

Kids Activities Series: Good Clean Fun

In continuing with our Activities Series… Good “Clean” Fun These fun activities are things that aren’t too messy, or if they do make a mess, at least it’s a “clean” mess! Bathtub paints are the epitome of good clean fun!  My son LOVES to paint during his bath, and the best part is that it’s soap! It […]

Kids Activities Series: Spoon People

Jessica at Boy Terrain comes to us as a perfect fit for our “Activities Series.” As a mother of two (very busy) young boys, she seems to be an expert at activities. She even created her blog to focus solely on things that pertain to children (particularly boys) in hopes to create a community of ideas for other moms of […]

Kids Activities Series: Indoor Camping

Indoor camping is great for a rainy (or cold) day! Get creative and pack up (snacks, “fishing pole,” sleeping bags and more) for the “trip” to the wilderness.  The kids will get a kick out of it! Here’s what we did: Got the tent (on a card table) set-up in our perfect “wilderness” campsite (use […]