“Apple Crisp” Oatmeal

Apple Crisp Oatmeal

  I picked a lot of apples this fall – several bags!  I promised myself that I would keep the apples carefully refrigerated, but around Thanksgiving time we ran out of fridge space and the apples ended up forgotten – and starting to overripen.  There is nothing better than a crisp apple, so I started [...]

Cooking with Kids: Easy No-Bake Fresh Fruit Tarts (recipe)

Fruit Tarts

  We are always looking for ways to use fruit and get our kids excited about cooking.  One of our favorite summer recipes is making fresh fruit tarts!  This is especially fun if we have freshly picked fresh cherries from our tree or if we have just gotten home from berry-picking. For this recipe, you [...]

Traveling Lean ~ Eating Healthy on the Road

Eating in the Car

With summer coming, many families have vacations and trips planned. Whether you are travelling by car or plane or even train, at some point you will have to feed your family while you are travelling. It is very convenient and easy to feed your family fast foods as you travel, but I want to challenge [...]

Red, White & Blue Yogurt Parfait

Red White and Blue Yogurt Parfait

This yogurt parfait is an easy to make, good-for-you treat. Make it fun by serving in clear glasses or bowls. It’s extra-impressive in taller, or uniquely shaped dishes! All you need are blueberries, strawberries and plain (or vanilla, if you must) yogurt. Wash the fruit, cut strawberries into bite sized pieces and layer with yogurt. [...]

Grandma’s Applesauce

whats cooking wednesday

.. This is truly the BEST applesauce ever, and it’s so easy to make!  It was started by my husband’s Grandmother, and passed along as time went by.  I’ve made my own tweaks here and there, but the basics are accredited to Grandma Anderson.  We love you Grandma! The Recipe:  Grandma’s Applesauce .. .. This [...]

Southwest White Chili

Southwest White Chili

This recipe is for those cold, snowy nights of winter when you just want to warm your insides.  Actually, this dish is also a great way to use up leftover turkey from the holidays (but hopefully you’ve already gotten ride of that a long time ago!). Ingredients 2.5 cups of cooked chicken breast or turkey [...]

Good-Bye Summer Salads


. There is nothing like fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes!  I really enjoy the pure taste of them, so in this first dish, I kept the ingredients simple. . The Recipe: Tomato & Cheese Salad 1/2 cup Grape/Oblong tomatoes cut in half or thirds 1/2 cup cubed fresh mozzarella cheese Salt and pepper to taste 1-2 Tbl. Nerman’s [...]

Cranberry-Maple Oatmeal


… I’m not much of a breakfast person usually, but this recipe is fast, hot, and filling.  It’s good for you, and sure to please even the smallest ones in your family.  My boys were skeptical about the cranberries at first, but after trying one bite, they were hooked.  We used to buy Costco’s individual [...]

Quick and Easy Mini Pizzas


The following is a guest post by Carissa of Will Travel by Foot. While Carissa dreams of visiting exotic places, each day of her life is an adventure until itself. Her passions include homeschooling her three boys, traveling whenever her husband’s military career allows, and attempting to become a runner after years of couch potato status.  We [...]