How to Design Playground Surfaces that Follow School PLAYbook Best Practices

  Each local playground has its own set of requirements dependent upon many factors such as the location, budget, resources available, stakeholders involved, and plenty of others. A playground is built through the work of a number of different bodies, which all share a common goal of encouraging social, emotional, and physical development in children. […]

Smart, Silly and Sweet: Priceless Pointers for Parents of Gifted Children

    Of course, all parents believe that their children are special.  However, some children advance faster than others and exhibit exemplary talents related to academics, music, sports, etc.  And in some cases, gifted students may host eccentric traits, being overly sweet, silly, and smart.  Children with a lot of potential should be nurtured and […]

Boys and School

    Raising boys and girls can be very different, and in many ways.  Statistics show that boys tend to struggle in school, compared to girls. Many people recognize the discrepancy that often exists between children of high-income families and those with lower socio-economic backgrounds: Wealthy kids, due to their improved resources, can often read better, […]

Helping Our Children Get Organized for the New Year

Getting and staying organized can help our children succeed in school and juggle all the demands. As 2013 gets under way, here are four ideas for a more organized year. First, Declutter. Be sure there is a logical place for everything and that your children know where things go. Kids are great at putting things away, […]

Tips for Helping Your Child Succeed in School

One of the most important things we can do as parents to help our children do well academically, is to provide a healthy, safe and secure home life. When our children know that everything is in order at home, when they know that they are accepted and loved, it is a lot easier for them to […]

Back to School Prep for Mom

Hard to believe that summer is ending and it is time to go back to school. There is lots of excitement, but for me there is some sadness also. I will miss the carefree feelings that come with days at the pool and popsicles in the backyard. And I am always sad when the kids […]

Our Schools Are Weak, Not Our Children

Here I am sitting at a too-small table with my second grader’s teachers for another Parent-Teacher conference, but this time there is venom in my veins and a quiet rage in my speech.  Once again the focus of this meeting will be on my son’s need to shore up his math skills and pay more […]