10 Reasons You Should Consider Cloth Diapers

 Expecting?  Have a baby in diapers?  Don’t throw your money away!  Consider cloth.   Here are 10 reasons you need to take a look at modern cloth diapers.   10. They’re adorable.  The prints, the colors, the fluffy soft fabrics.  Aah. 9. They’re more like disposables than ever.  With “all-in one” styles and Velcro closures […]

$16,144.83 vs. $1,385.05

When I first looked into cloth diapering I was blown away by the price, seriously $19.99 for a SINGLE diaper? I was a major coupon-er, I looked for deals, I would hold out until I found an item for a certain price. If I was handed $20 and told to go buy diapers with it, […]

How to Cloth Diaper

Everyone does it differently, but there are so many bad stigmas that deal with cloth diapering that I thought I would address them, and show you what my day consists of. First of all, lets address the following issues: Pins? No! Bleach buckets? Absolutely not. Cloth diapers now have snaps or Velcro. If you wanted […]

Designer Diapers: Cloth Diapering in Style

The most common reasons we hear for choosing to cloth diaper your baby are: they are more economical than disposables, they are better for baby’s skin, and they are better for our planet. As cloth diapers continue to grow in popularity, we can now add a new reason to the list…cloth diapers and covers are […]

Cloth Diapering On a Budget

Cloth diapering has been making a comeback during the last few years as more attention is being paid to both our economy and our planet. Because cloth diapering costs less than disposable diapers and is considered the more eco-friendly option, many parents, both new and experienced, are taking a second look at cloth. In fact, […]

Cloth Diapering – What You Need to Know!

This week we are trying to raise cloth diaper awareness… I often think “Why didn’t I do this earlier?” I hesitated with my son, though I am still regretting it now (he’s been potty-trained for well over a year), and didn’t start with my daughter until she was 5 months. Honestly?  I thought it would […]

Cloth Wipes: Green and Frugal!

Cloth Wipes are a must have for any cloth diapering family, but they are a wise choice for all Moms.  They are economical, “green” and you have complete control over ingredients. Pictured in the photo below (left to right) are Ruby Moon Wipes, Planet Wise Wipes, Kissaluvs Wipes, Homemade wipes made from burp cloths, baby […]

Changing Station Irritation

It seems like every time I go out these days, I get stuck having to do a public diaper change. I try to reserve diaper changes for the car, but my baby seems dead set on forcing me to change her in the store or restaurant by choosing opportune moments to explode her diapers. After […]

Smart Tip Tuesday: DIY Cloth Diaper

Want to make this…….. …or this… …out of your old baby blankets/t-shirts? Hop on over to my personal blog, The Lean Green Mommy Machine to find out how!

Cloth Diapering: FAQ’s

This post will address some more common questions about cloth diapering. What do I do when they’re dirty? I use a large Planet Wise wet bag as a hanging pail. Others use a kitchen trash can with flip lid and line it with a PUL pail liner. When your Grandma cloth diapered, she may have […]

Cloth Diapering: Getting Started

I would love nothing more than for other moms to think about what’s best for their children.  I know we already do that as moms, but sometimes I tend to do things out of convenience.  For instance, why did I choose to use disposables on my son?  Convenience.  It had nothing to do with the […]

Cloth Diapering 201: Getting Down to the Details

Last time, I talked about types of cloth diapers. This time we’ll talk about even more choices to make – sizing, closure type and materials. Sizing Each manufacturer’s sizing is different and weight and age ranges are just a guideline. It’s best to compare rise and thigh measurements to make sure you will get a […]

Cloth Diapering 101: Basic Types

Do the terms AIO, AI2, contours, pre-fitteds, prefolds, skirties, or soakers mean anything to you?  If not, keep reading! It wasn’t too long ago that I was that confused Mom behind the computer screen, reading site after site and still not quite understanding it all. I’m still learning as I go and documenting it all […]

A Cloth Diapering Personal Story

In the world of “Fitteds and pockets and snappis, oh my!” Maria is “changing the world by changing diapers.”  She is mom to two kids who is figuring things out as she goes.  She knows quite a bit about cloth diapering, so stay tuned and feel free to ask her questions.  We are SO excited […]