Preparing your Child for Baby’s Arrival

  Sibling rivalry starts as soon as you announce your pregnancy.  It can also get serious if left as it is. For a toddler, having a sibling is a threat. It can turn into a serious matter because kids this age can become aggressive; throw in more tantrums or worse, even regress. Dealing with regression […]

2012: A Diagnosis and a Year of Change

2011 came and went faster than I could blink an eye, with the dawn of many new and great adventures that God presented to us. I wanted to start off this New Year talking about a very serious health problem that I have been dealing with and felt that sharing my experience would help other […]

Babies, Babies, Babies! (Looking Back at 2011)

 This year we were thankful for the babies born in 2011.  Just look at all these adorable faces!          A BIG congrats to 8 of our ANOM writers, (in order) Heather, Keleigh, Melanie, Sarah, Lindsey, Melissa, Valerie and Maria, in the birth of their beautiful babies this year!  (You can read a few of their […]

The Natural Birth – Tips, Cliff’s Notes, Sample Birth Plan and more!

With the impending birth of our third child in a few very short weeks, I have been giving some thought to writing down some tips that helped me with the natural birth of our second child after having had a medicated one previously. Natural birth.  I know these can be scary words, especially the way that […]

A Doula Is Like…

If you read my birth story post then you know how much I love my doula. Here is a blog post I recently came across about doulas that I liked. A Doula is like…

A Birth Story

I thought I would start this blog on Valentine’s Day with what most recently went on in my life…the birth of our second child. It was an an absolutely beautiful and cold (but not windy) snowy morning. It had already snowed about an inch, and the snow was still falling down so calmly with no […]