5 Subscription Boxes That Make Life Easier

  The internet has made our lives easier in so many ways, but one of the most useful, handy, and ingenious additions we have is the subscription box. You choose the delivery time and, like magic, the box of things you want and use every month appears on your doorstep. Similar to the magazine subscriptions […]

How Working Moms Can Keep Up with House Cleaning

  Balancing a full-time job around running a home and raising kids can be challenging for even the best multi-tasking mom. If you’re like most moms, you might try to get all your house cleaning chores done all on the same day. Fortunately there is an easier way to ensure your house always looks fresh […]

All in Your Hands: Top Back-to-School Android Apps for Anxious Parents

The school year has a habit of sneaking up on parents. After those admission letters flow in, there’s so much to do. It’s time to start packing lunches, waking the kids up early, checking homework, and keeping connected with teachers. It’s best to be prepared with an arsenal of apps before things start getting chaotic. […]

4 Parenting Time Hacks to Incorporate Into Your Routine

  If you were to ask parents of any experience level to list the things they do not have enough of, the list would probably look something like: personal space, quiet – and right at the very top – would be time. Between changing diapers, lugging kids around to their various predetermined commitments or just trying to find […]

Tips for Packing for Family Camping Trips

Family camping trips can mean a lot of stuff.  Before I had kids, we would carry everything we needed on our backs.  Now, times have changed and we camp a little differently when it comes to kids!  Every time we go on a camping adventure, we have a car full of gear, supplies, and more.  After […]

DiamondTab Dry Erase White Board (**GIVEAWAY**)

  This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more organized.  I feel like most days are really hectic and I’m running around like crazy.  The DiamondTab Dry Erase Board is something that has become part of our daily routine in […]

How to Prepare for Summer in the Dead of Winter

  The sun doesn’t rise until well after 6:00 a.m., you are accustomed to seeing snow flurries in the air (even if it doesn’t stick on the ground), and you are never without a pair of warm, fuzzy socks. It’s wintertime — which means summer is just a few short months around the corner, and […]

Back to School with SanDisk at BestBuy

  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Its already time to start thinking about everything back to school.  From school supplies to need to be more organized, technology is a big part of our daily routine. We […]

Box4Blox LEGO Organizer (**GIVEAWAY**)

  This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. My two girls really got into LEGOs a few years ago.  Now, our house is littered with LEGOs.. and there are more to come!  Between Christmas and birthdays, the kids usually receive more sets.  I have tried several ways of containing […]

Time Management Strategies for Prioritizing your List and Getting More Done

  Being a mom is like a juggler at the circus. Circus jugglers never have just one ball in the air at a time.  They are constantly focused on their responsibility to keep the balls rotating. As their act continues, the juggler slowly adds additional balls in hopes that he won’t become overloaded and can […]

Family Room Clutter Busters

Life & Beauty Weekly: Life & Love By Elizabeth Hurchalla for Life & Beauty Weekly Your family room or living room is the one place your whole clan comes together to hang out. And, as such, it’s probably the default dumping ground for everyone’s stuff. If your family is like most families, that means clutter […]

Get Your Outdoors Organized

The cleaning up is seemingly never done.  As soon the house is clean it somehow becomes dirty again.  Perhaps this is what the wisest man to ever live, King Solomon, was referring to when he wrote in Ecclesiastes, “The sun rises, the sun sets, yet there is nothing new under the sun.”  Other than more […]

Core Bamboo Expandable Spice Rack (**GIVEAWAY**)

    This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Core Bamboo manufactures bamboo bowls, cutting boards, serving trays, utensils and more. Bamboo is light yet strong, and grows quickly. Bamboo is a naturally anti-microbial, 100% renewable resource which does not require pesticides or fertilizer.  The bamboo that Core Bamboo […]

Helping Our Children Get Organized for the New Year

Getting and staying organized can help our children succeed in school and juggle all the demands. As 2013 gets under way, here are four ideas for a more organized year. First, Declutter. Be sure there is a logical place for everything and that your children know where things go. Kids are great at putting things away, […]

Great Tips for Cleaning and Organizing During the Holidays and Beyond

The Holidays are upon us, and that means lots of visitors, well wishers, and family. We love this season, but life gets so busy, I never feel like I have time to really get the house ready for guests.  Just when one event ends, or one set of visitors leaves, another arrives.  And just when […]

Don’t Let the Toys Take Over!

It’s Christmas, or your kid’s birthday party, or the grandparents come to visit. You see the excitement on your child’s face as they open present after present. You are excited for your child, too. Then all the guests leave, Christmas is over (or the grandparents are gone) and you realize that you have more “stuff”. […]

Getting Organized: Storing Clothes and Changing Seasons

Doing the seasonal/size clothing shift is a big deal in our house.  With three kids and two adults, that seems like a ton of clothing to manage.  But, I have learned to be more organized to make it go more smoothly. MY PECULIARITIES First, you should know that we get 98% of our clothing as […]

The 15-Minute Purge

Kelly Gash is a Southern California-based professional organizer who can help you tame the clutter in your life.  Visit her website at www.orgforlife.com. Okay, so the kids are at school, at a play date, or napping.  You find yourself with thirty minutes (or maybe even a whole hour!) where no one needs your immediate attention.  “Perfect!” […]

Organizing With Binders and Page Protectors

I love to be organized – I could spend half a day and a small fortune in The Container Store! Since baby #3 was born in December, things around here haven’t been as organized as I like.  My hubby pointed out that the most organized things I have right now are my binders (although even […]

Dirty Enough to be Happy! (Plus GREAT Cleaning Tips)

“Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.” Phyllis Diller  “Make Your Home Clean Enough to be Healthy and Dirty Enough To Be Happy.” Unknown “Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don’t do it.” Unknown Our family is growing. Every day […]

How to Hold a Garage Sale

  Holding a garage sale may seem like an overwhelming task, but with some forethought, hard work and preparation, it can be a nice way to make some money and get rid of stuff.  Here are some tidbits of advice from someone who has already done three and is planning a fourth this summer! PLANNING […]

Scheduling without a schedule

I am a planner by nature.  Growing up (and even until I had kids) I had schedules and lists, and even lists for my lists.  I spent hours just organizing my days, weeks, months, to-do lists, and so forth.  Anything that could be written in list format was. And then some. After having kids I […]

Getting It All Together

By Julie Kieras I thought life at home with baby would by idyllic. I would read and coo and play with baby, then flit about the house with a feather duster, frilly apron and high heels. Okay, maybe not the high heels. But life would be sweet…and light…very Becky Home Ec-y. The reality is – […]

Managing Your Time at Home

I often get emails (almost daily!) asking about scheduling, time management, and any tips to make life easier at home with little ones running around. If you have any, please let me know, as I am still trying to figure that out every day.    No seriously, I do have a few tips that help […]

Fall Cleaning: Ready, Set, Go!

Fall is definitely approaching, especially where I live.  I spent the entire weekend feeling freezing cold. Want to know just how cold? On Saturday, people were lining the streets for a local parade wearing winter coats and sporting blankets on their laps. I LOVED it!  Couple that with the background “music” of my husband’s football […]

Beginning of Fall Cleaning Checklist

Two weeks ago, in my End of Summer post, I wrote about my love for shiny new school supplies and decluttering, clearing space out for what’s to come. Since then, I have acquired three glittery pens from the Target dollar bins, washed my bedroom curtains, and continued to clear one item a day out of […]

End of Summer Cleaning Checklist

I am mostly not a fan of fall.  While I do enjoy apple cider and the change in the weather, and I am looking forward to returning to the pumpkin patch we found last October, fall means cold and winter are coming before too long, and well, there’s a reason I’ve chosen to live below […]

3 Habits for a Tidier House

We all fight with clutter.  There are various types- clutter left over from cooking a meal, clutter that piles up after school and work every day on the kitchen table, clutter that the kids leave behind when they’re playing, and the clutter that falls in the morning when you’re trying to get everyone out the […]

30 Items Less

I’m a big fan of the website Unclutterer.com, and a recent challenge posted there has inspired me.   For the month of August, I’m planning to get rid of one item per day. Let’s back up- I have no existential problem with materiality.  I love shopping, I love gadgets, I love clothes and my kids love […]

Conquering Clutter

Elizabeth writes for us again… I have had it up to here (holds hand way above head!) with clutter. Today I picked up a billion little army men hidden underneath the sofa and chair, under the table, and under my feet as I walk (ouch!). I picked up play food which should have been upstairs next […]