Where to Find that Perfect Fairytale Wedding Dress

With wedding date reaching fast, the most important thing for any bride is a selection of the perfect wedding gown. While some brides have thought about their dream gown since way before the big day, some get too caught up in other things and end up needing an expert to help them with the task. […]

Keeping Love Alive: Sensible Tips to Protect Your Marriage From Life’s Ups and Downs

  Love is a lot to live for but a healthy relationship is not always a walk in the park.  It takes dedication, tenacity, and practical tips to keep the spark and to protect one’s marriage from life’s ups and downs.  Here are a few tips to keep love alive and your marriage healthy. Make […]

What Does An Engagement Ring Symbolize?

Engagement rings carry a whole range of different meanings for girls. Here’s a look at some of the traditional symbolism. To every girl, an engagement ring is a symbol of devotion, fidelity, and love. The very design and shape of the ring has additional symbolism that many girls like to see incorporated in the design of the ring. […]

Asking the Right Questions Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

    When it comes to booking a photographer for your upcoming wedding, you will want to ask each potential candidate some questions before deciding which photographer to use. Asking the correct questions will help to ensure that you get a top quality photographer that will capture all of those special moments in your big day. You […]

Learn The Traits That Make Up A Great Wedding Photographer

  With something as precious as one’s wedding, it’s crucial to find an excellent photographer who can capture those special moments so they can continue to be enjoyed for a lifetime and beyond. While there may be plenty of decent photographers to choose from, the qualities that distinguish the very best are also important to […]

How To Choose An Ethical Engagement Ring

  Image by Serendipity Diamonds When it comes to asking your partner to marry you and buying an engagement ring, it is a big investment so you will want to make sure that you pay a fair price for a genuine product that comes from ethical sources. Fairtrade Gold and conflict free diamonds ensure that […]

How to Be a Financially Successful Single Mom

  To many happily partnered moms, the thought of raising one or more kids on one’s own seems unfeasible — largely because it often is. Single moms must fulfill each and every parenting role on their own, which means they are tasked with being the caregivers, the breadwinners, the disciplinarians, the role models, and more […]


It’s that time of year. Love is in the air and we are getting ready to celebrate Valentines Day. A day to show love to those you care about. Most parents are out finding little treats, and rounding up little gifts. There will be notes in lunch boxes and backpacks, and lots of red everywhere […]

Family Resolutions

With the New Year upon us, many have taken the time to set some resolutions. But it is not just personal resolutions that we might consider, it is also a great time for our families to set resolutions. Resolutions are a fancy words for goals. Setting and striving to accomplish family goals are one of […]

Making Time for Family

We seem to be swamped with this new school year. We have gone from the endless, carefree days of summer, to the busy routine of school and after school activities. Back to packing lunches, carpools, pick ups and busy afternoons of homework. Even though school has only been in session for two weeks, I can […]

Kind, Respectful, Supportive and Choices

Right now as I type, a dear friend of mine is at the hospital going into labor. I can’t get her off my mind. She was scheduled to be there at 7:30 pm. This is her first baby. A little girl. It has been a tough pregnancy. The baby will have some severe developmental problems. […]

Bedtime – Stop the Battles

Bedtime can be a hard time of day for families. After a full day with kids, it seems that when the bedtime battles begin, our patience can go out the window. Here are some suggestions to help make getting your kids in bed, a little easier. First, understand how much sleep your children should be […]

Being Active, With Your Spouse

Not only is it important to be active with your family, but it is also important to be active with your spouse. Working together and going on dates together will strengthen your relationship. Research suggests that couples should go on a date every other week. Gasp, I know. With 4 kids, this seems impossible to […]

Homemade Conversation Hearts

Are you looking for the perfect last minute addition to your Valentine’s Celebration? Look no further! This is a really fun way to show someone you care. Can’t you just see a special little bag filled with personalized conversation hearts? Or, take a box of store bought conversation hearts, pour them out and fill the […]

Love in Marriage

Marriage is the ultimate commitment, yet one of the hardest endeavors that many of us encounter in our lives. I have been married, divorced and remarried.  I have had my share of pain and tears, but ultimately through it all, God has seeded himself deeper into every aspect of my heart. In Genesis, God created […]

Tips on Providing a Healthy Marriage for Children

You try to make your children’s lives happy and fulfilled. You want them to have the best education, the best doctors, and the safest environment. What you might not realize is how important your marriage is to shape your child’s life and how the healthy your marriage is the healthy your child can be overall. […]

Oncologist’s Office-Perspective on Motherhood

Our family had an experience a few months ago that changed us. Enough time has passed that I can share. In November, at a doctor’s appointment I had my blood taken. The quick results came back with a problem. Anemia. Anemia is a lack of iron. Iron helps your body take in oxygen. You need […]

Dating Your Spouse? Something to Talk About.

Remember when you were dating your husband, before you got married, and you promised each other that kids, and life, and work, and being tired would NEVER get in the way of the two of you dating? Remember those conversations? I do. And although we try really hard to hold true to those early promises, […]

50 Ways to Romance Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank.  And showing your love to your spouse doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to a certain day or holiday. Here are 50 free or fairly inexpensive options to add a little love and romance on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year.   Go ahead, woo […]

Valentine’s Day is coming!

Need an inexpensive, unique and/or thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for your child or your spouse?  What about your best friend or sister?  Here is an idea that will cost you nothing but time and brain power.  And, in the process, you might shed a tear, smile mischievously or laugh until your sides hurt. Make a […]

The Roller Coaster of Marriage

Elizabeth writes for us again… I hesitate sometimes in becoming too personal on my blog. But today while contemplating whether I should delve into my personal life I realized that if I don’t then I am always giving the illusion that my life is all peaches and cream. No one has a perfect life, and it’s […]