Maddie’s Mark 2015 October 5k and Virtual 5k

As you may know, September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.  You can support a great cause this October by participating in a Maddie’s Mark 5k.  Maddie’s Mark is a not for profit Foundation dedicated to helping people enjoy their ‘best days ever’.  The foundation was created in memory of Madeline Musto, who became passed in February 2012, […]

Being a Child and Living with Loss

There is so much in this journey that is hard to comprehend for me; imagine being a child. Imagine one day your sibling, parent, friend or close family member is gone and you don’t understand.  Imagine this new world of missing, and all that comes along with it.  The  emotional and grieving adults around you […]

Where Did My Life Go? Living After a Loss

  Where did my life go?  This is a common wonder I have.  Where did the ‘marry my college sweetheart, get a house, get a dog and have lovely set of three girls’ go?  It obviously went somewhere.  Maybe it was always not the way it was anyway… or maybe it is broken right now.  […]

September ~ Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

The things I know now… Once we know something we are forever changed… forever aware.  Once we know something we must share it, change it, fix it, prevent it, encourage it… whatever that situation needs… but we must not sit and pretend we don’t know it. I remember when my girls were young and Madeline’s […]

How to Help When a Family Has a Loss

  When  a child dies… A day will come when most of us will be faced with knowing, maybe being very close to, a family who loses a child.  Odds are, you will not know what to do, what will help, how to show that you care… how to make moving through life easier for […]

“Living” Without: Loss of a Child

  One never starts this adventure of being a mom thinking that their story will change like mine has.  To think that my daughter Madeline would die before she lost her first tooth, read a chapter book or graduated from Kindergarten… never. My daughter Madeline, Maddie to many, was an amazing, kind and vibrant 5 […]

Every Mother’s Worst Nightmare

I tell people I have 7 children; however, anyone who takes the time to count heads will notice there are not 7 children trailing along behind me. There are 6. I am living every mother’s worst nightmare. In February of 2008, I awoke to my 5th child, Emily, struggling to breath. She had been through […]