Ways to Save When You Really Need to Cut Back

Money Saving Tips

    We are always trying to save money.  But there have been times when money is more tight than ever, and every penny counts.  Although I follow a lot of these things on a regular basis, others are more extreme for times you are in a real crunch! Drink water.  It’s free, and it’s [...]


5 Steps to Buying Second-Hand Goods Online


  The Internet has proven to be an invaluable tool for all kinds of things from looking for new job opportunities to finding out information and even watching television or movies while out of the house. However one of the most popular uses of the world wide web is shopping or eCommerce as it is [...]

Clean Your Pantry & Save Money

How to Clean Your Pantry

Do you ever notice that you end up with things that just tend to sit in your pantry?  You keep meaning to use them, and then those items are forgotten.  Eventually, items go past their expiration and you have to toss them.  I find it really frustrating to throw out food that I have been [...]

Frugal Party Ideas

Frugal Party Ideas

  Kid’s parties often become expensive. Celebrations can add up quickly, especially if you have more than one child and you are hosting a variety of events (birthdays, graduations, holiday parties, etc) each year.  Here are some tips on ways to cut down on costs, especially if you have an at-home party. ~ Latex balloons. [...]

Tips on How to Afford Organic Food


A lot of families are switching to an organic-only diet. Organic food is healthier because it doesn’t contain preservatives or chemicals. However, it is not cheap to eat organically; families that do not have the income to support an organic diet are less able to make these dietary changes. If you would like to try [...]

How to Hold a Garage Sale

Garage Sale signpost

  Holding a garage sale may seem like an overwhelming task, but with some forethought, hard work and preparation, it can be a nice way to make some money and get rid of stuff.  Here are some tidbits of advice from someone who has already done three and is planning a fourth this summer! PLANNING [...]

New Uses for Old Things: Household Odds and Ends

By Marisa Belger for Green Goes Simple As a busy, penny-wise, green-minded mama, I’m on an ever-present mission to find new uses for things that may otherwise end up as trash. Faced with a growing pile of paperless rolls left over from paper towels and toilet tissue, used dryer sheets, and empty laundry-detergent bottles, I [...]

Surprising Ways to Save Water


By Dana Courtney for Green Goes Simple Get Two Dishes for the Price of One When boiling a pot of water for pasta, place a steamer basket filled with veggies on top. You’re making steam, anyway, so why not use it to steam vegetables for a side dish? You’ll reduce the amount of water used [...]

How to Slash Your Electricity Bill This Summer


By Amy Levin-Epstein for Green Goes Simple Using less electricity at home is a win-win: You reduce your environmental impact and your monthly bill. But it can be especially hard to cut back on your energy usage during the dog days of summer, when tongue-wagging temps make you want to blast your AC. Try following [...]

Planning A Frugal Living by a Mom Before She Retires


Author’s Bio: RP is a community writer for debt consolidation care, the world’s largest debt consolidation community. Being a mom of two kids, she excels herself in writing articles on various financial topics including debt consolidation, debt settlement, frugality, get out of debt, and more. It is essential for you to plan your retirement much before [...]

Co-op Freezer Meals


I know that some of you are thinking that with your busy schedules (or other things that make life hectic) you will not be able to use the freezer meal method to make things a little less rushed and save you money. Well, there is a way that you can “cure” the problem of doing [...]

Cloth Diapering On a Budget

Cloth Diapering on a Budget

Cloth diapering has been making a comeback during the last few years as more attention is being paid to both our economy and our planet. Because cloth diapering costs less than disposable diapers and is considered the more eco-friendly option, many parents, both new and experienced, are taking a second look at cloth. In fact, [...]

Freezer Meals: How to stretch your grocery budget

Freezer Meals: How to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

  Before I started to make freezer meals I never realized how much we wasted, not only in food but in money as well – for take-out, groceries when in a hurry, or how much money we “threw away” on left overs or forgotten fridge items. So I started a log to see how much [...]

Saving on Halloween Costumes

How to Save on Halloween Costumes

  Halloween.  I used to despise this holiday, even as a child.  But somehow the minute I became a parent, I immediately wanted to dress up my child in the cutest outfit and prance him around our neighborhood and community events.  That first year I was completely unprepared (which is unlike me in so many [...]