Asking the Right Questions Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

    When it comes to booking a photographer for your upcoming wedding, you will want to ask each potential candidate some questions before deciding which photographer to use. Asking the correct questions will help to ensure that you get a top quality photographer that will capture all of those special moments in your big day. You […]

Learn The Traits That Make Up A Great Wedding Photographer

  With something as precious as one’s wedding, it’s crucial to find an excellent photographer who can capture those special moments so they can continue to be enjoyed for a lifetime and beyond. While there may be plenty of decent photographers to choose from, the qualities that distinguish the very best are also important to […]

Photographing Life

I recently heard a quote that went something like this…. “Great picture! You must have a really nice camera!” The response being, “Thanks, I taught it everything it knows!” Funny humor, but true. We are in the day and age in which everyone owns a digital camera.  The camera, in any picture, is only 10% […]

Photoshop 101: Dodging and Burning

Have you ever been around people that understand photography and Photoshop and they throw around terms like dodging and burning? Well here is a quick explanation and tutorial on what these terms mean and how you can use them to enhance your own pictures! Dodging is simply a tool that helps brighten certain areas of […]

Photography 101: Crop & Enhance Effectively in Photoshop

Bluebonnets bloomed this year quite sparsely in Texas, but we were graced with some beautiful red poppies in the mix. In capturing images of children, I like to focus mainly on “in the moment” pictures rather than the posed images that we all used to have taken at our local portrait studio. Today I am […]

10 Fun Gifts for the Photographer in your Life!

TOP TEN GIFT IDEAS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS I love photography! The bug hit me when I was little ~ my mom was constantly behind the lens! Now I have ventured into the business side of photography and love all the new fun gadgets and toys that are out there! Do you have a photog in your […]

Digital Photography 101

August is now coming to a close and for those of us in the South, it means that cooler temperatures are finally drawing near. As my photography business grows, I have a lot of people ask me for tips and tricks.  Although I do not give them all away, for I’d soon be out of […]

Basic Photo Editing

My two favorite things about digital photography are a) being able to take & delete as many pictures as I want and b) being able to “fix” my images after I’ve taken them! To “fix” my images in post-processing, I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.  There are many other programs out there available for post-processing, […]

Tackling Christmas Card Photos

It’s time to be thinking about Christmas cards!  Some of you have probably been planning yours for the past several months and some of you (I would more likely fall into this category) will put them off until the last minute.  In case you’re needing a little inspiration and/or help this year, here’s a few […]

Using Shutter Speed (Light, Part 2!)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again– light is essential to good pictures.  I would say the most important element of photography, but I might have to argue with myself that subject matter and creativity are right up there with light.  Regardless, when aiming for better pictures, mastering how to capture the right […]

Light– Using Aperture to Create Better Images

Of all the things “essential” to good photography, light is paramount.  In fact, “photos” is Greek for “light.”  That being said, the key to understanding photography and how to take great photos is understanding how to manipulate the available light. Your camera is equipped with two (really three– more about that later!) mechanisms that help […]

Photography 101

Are you terrified of your camera?  Maybe you don’t even own a camera and you spend hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars a year to have professionals take pictures of your kids for you? The purpose for my photography posts will be to help you overcome your fears and learn to take great shots […]