National Adoption Day ~ My Story

November 21 is National Adoption Day, and adoption is a huge part of my life, as I was adopted by my grandmother at a young age.  After many years of custody, I was officially adopted when I was 6 years old. I remember the day I was adopted.  It was March 6, and we celebrated at […]

Family Reunion Coming Up? Write Your Family History Book!

I am very fortunate to have 3 of my grandparents still living, but I didn’t get the chance to really get to know them as I was growing up. Since my Dad’s Mom passed away in April, I’ve been upset with myself for not spending more time with her, asking questions and listening to stories. […]

How to Support Your Special Needs Grandchild

  If your grandchild has special needs, it’s difficult to know how to be there for both them and their parents. The best thing a grandparent can do to support his or her special needs child is to spend time with the child and talk to the child’s parents about the best way to handle […]

Stop the Selfishness-Part 2

SO… where did we leave off last week? Let’s talk about how we can stop the selfishness. Take Back Control… A spoiled and selfish child knows how to get what they want. Did you know that a child will hound you approximately 9 times to get their way, or get what they want? Don’t give in. The […]


With the aging of our population, most of us can expect to be grandparents and even great-grand parents.  Our health may be better than our own grandparents, and we will have the opportunity to play a significant and influential role in the lives of our grandchildren. There are books on how to be a grandparent, […]


It is a grand moment when you learn you are going to be a grand parent.  Hopefully this is good news, but sometimes the circumstances make it a difficult moment to celebrate.  However, for most of us this news of pending grandparenthood is very emotional and thrilling. I remember the first time we heard this […]