Fun Family Activities on the Cheap

  Have you noticed that the years seem to be slipping by faster and faster? We lose so much time with loved ones and miss out on so many memories due to heavy workloads, school activities and other hectic day-to-day roadblocks. Here are a few ideas that can help you reconnect with your child that […]

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus XTREME!

I haven’t been to the circus since I was very young, so I was excited for our whole family to go.  Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey has been around for well over 100 years, and I can barely remember the circus from over 30 years ago! Celebrating 145 years, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & […]

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep While Camping

Going camping can be a challenge, and even more so with kids.  I don’t think I ever slept particularly well when I went camping, and taking young kids has definitely meant lots of sleepless nights.  Here are some tips for getting a decent night’s sleep! ~ You might want to consider air mattresses, or at least […]

Making Last Minute Plans: Fun Things to Do With Your Family This Weekend

Family time is precious. With jobs, school, sports, and obligations, there is little time left to spend together. However, there are times when things get switched around and you have opportunity to hang with one another. It’s difficult to plan something too intricate at the last minute, so here are more than a few ideas to ensure you […]

Dinosaurland: Go on an Amazing Adventure!

  Our family loves to explore – we love taking trips, learning about new things, and adventures as a family.  Dinosaurland in Utah is exactly the kind of place we enjoy visiting.  Spanning over 200,000 acres, this part of Utah and Colorado are packed with family-friendly activities and destinations. Getting there is just half the […]

Swim in Style with These Trendy Mermaid Tails

  Be ready for your swimming lesson and swim as your favourite mystical character in these stylish mermaid tails! Mermaid tails are becoming a fast-growing trend as more and more girls are learning that they can swim just like their favorite mythical character, the mermaid. It’s not only kids that are “mermaiding” but also moms […]

School on Wheels: Priceless Road Trip Lessons for Kids and Their Parents

  Road trips are a fun tradition for families throughout the world. Nothing beats getting away from the daily routine for a couple days to share new experiences and create lasting memories with the family. However, a road trip also provides a great opportunity to teach your kids some invaluable lessons in a relaxed setting, […]

TrailBlaze Slackline – Family Fun!

  I received this product in exchange for my honest review. My daughter went to rock-climbing camp last year, and they had so many cool things for kids to climb on (in addition to the rock walls).  One of the things she had a lot of fun with was a slackline, and it never occurred […]

Personalized Easter Gift Ideas from I See Me (**GIVEAWAY**)

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Both my kids love reading, and getting a good book is a treat for them.  I See Me is a great company that has a variety of personalized books for kids, as well as other personalized gifts. We recently got “It’s Fancy […]

ThinkFun Stratos Spheres

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I love playing games with my kids, especially ones that get them thinking.  It is a great way to get away from electronics and media time and to connect with them.  We have some ThinkFun games at home and were excited to […]

ThinkFun Math Dice Chase Game

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. We love games in our house, and educational games are even that much better.  ThinkFun’s Match Dice Game couldn’t have arrived at a better time, as my daughter is working on her multiplication skills. One part hot potato, one part math – […]

Perler Bead Christmas Tree Ornament

My kids absolutely love Perler Beads, and my 8 year old came up with this project on her own.  This is a cute project for kids to make for their own ornaments or to make for friends and family. Supplies needed: ~ Perler Beads ~ Perler bead board ~ wax paper for ironing, and an […]

Highlights: Books, Magazines and So Much More!

  This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. We have been a fan of Highlights products for years, and I love their line of products that get kids thinking, reading, and having fun!  I had no idea quite how many products they have, with a large variety of books […]

Ann Williams Fun Crafts for Kids (**HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY**)

  This product was provided in exchange for an honest review. I love doing projects with my kids, especially with our winters that seem to stretch on forever.  We go through a lot of crafts, but Ann Williams craft kits aren’t like the kits we have used in the past.  Their kits and tools for […]

Beanie Boos Friends Game from Tactic Games

This product was provided in exchange for an honest review. My kids LOVE Beanie Boos, and they both have a collection, so I knew they would love the Beanie Boos Friends Game! The plushies are lost on the game board and Peanut needs your help to find them. Different colors and shapes make your task […]

Leisure, Exercise, and Family Fun: How to Have It All on a Boat

When many families buy a boat, they think of only one benefit: more thrilling family vacations, for example. Yet, the truth is that boating is an extraordinarily versatile hobby that can provide a number of advantages in one, especially for busy, budget-minded families looking to spend more time together. When my little ones were still […]

Brick Genius LEGO-Compatible Building Bricks

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. My kids love playing with LEGOs and building all kinds of creations.  But despite having a lot of LEGOs, they like to build sets and then there aren’t enough pieces leftover for anything else!  They like to add on to their sets, […]

Tips for Visiting the Bronx Zoo with Kids

      One of the things we have wanted to do for a long time with our kids is a trip to the Bronx Zoo.  So finally we had a free weekend with a great weather forecast, and we drove down to the Bronx.  This is such a fun place to go as a […]

DIY Spooky Spider Egg Sac

  We love Halloween decorations, and we usually include lots of spiders in our decorations, so last year we made our own spider egg sac.  It got more comments than all the other spider decorations combined – so I would say it is a success! This is a super easy craft, and I was really pleased […]

The Laurie Berkner Band in Concert

My kids have been listening to Laurie Berkner for years, so when I heard they would be in town, I thought it would make the perfect way to spend a day with my daughter to celebrate her birthday!  Out of all the kid’s music we have listened to over the years, I probably know Laurie […]

Maker Faire ~ New York 2015

  This year, we are excited to be visiting the Maker Faire in New York  on September 25-26! What is Maker Faire? Part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new, Maker Faire is an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors. […]

My Friendship Bracelet Maker Now at Costco!

  This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. We are big fans of the Choose Friendship line of products, from lanyard makers to ribbon barrette makers.  And they have some great news to announce.. I know I love giving these as gifts! Beginning September 1, 2015, My Friendship Bracelet […]

Kayaking with Kids

  Kayaking is something our family loves to do.  Purchasing some kayaks and gear has provided summers full of fun!  We love getting outdoors and exploring as a family, and this is one of our favorite activities. Here are some of the basic tips you need to get started! Kayaks We have a regular size […]

Raddish ~ A Cooking Themed Subscription Box for Kids! (**+GIVEAWAY**)

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. My daughter is really into cooking, and what could be more fun than combining a subscription box with fun cooking ideas?  I know my kids just love getting exciting stuff in the mail, so they were both excited to see the Raddish […]

Summer Bucket List Ideas

  Every summer we come up with a summer bucket list.  It makes summer exciting and gives the kids some ideas for times they are bored.  We take a piece of poster paper, write out a list and decorate it.  As we finish each item, we cross it off, with a goal to finish by […]

Adirondack Animal Land – Gloversville, NY

  I am always looking for family-friendly things to do, and one of the places we were happy to discover was Adirondack Animal Land.  This is the largest zoo in upstate New York and makes for a fun day trip. The zoo is open from May to September (check online for exact dates).  Also check […]

Flower Craft with Drinking Straws

  My kids love crafts, and they actually came up with this craft on their own! You only need a few supplies, and you probably already have them on hand. For these flowers, we use: ~ paper ~ markers, crayons, etc. ~ tape ~ drinking straws We found some really fun drinking straws at the […]

Space Scouts Summer Adventure Subscription Box

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. We are looking forward to summer vacation, but between boredom and idle time, it is important to me that the kids are learning things too.  Space Scouts is a subscription service that sends educational materials right to your home! Summer Vacation!  It’s […]

Easy Duct Tape Hair Bows

    My kids have been having a lot of time making things out of duct tape lately.  However, some of the projects can get a little bit difficult.  This hair bow craft is very easy and only takes a few minutes to complete, and you get a cute hair bow out of it! Start […]

Egg-Carton Caterpillar Craft

      This is a fun and easy craft you can do with your little ones.  A great springtime craft and nice upcycled project using an egg carton. All you need for this are a few materials: ~ Egg carton ~ Paint ~ Markers ~ Pipe cleaners ~ any other accessories, such as googly […]