What to Buy When Your Child Joins the Swim Team

When my kids joined the swim team, I learned a lot.  We needed a lot of stuff, and it was a learning experience.  Now that we are familiar with how the swim team works, here is our list of essentials! Hair ties Since my girls need to have their hair in a cap, that means […]

Power Your Day with Orgain Protein Products (**GIVEAWAY**)

I received samples in exchange for my honest review. I am busier than I ever have been.  The kids are back to school, I am back to work, and we have taken on more commitments and activities than we ever have before.  Needless to say, breakfast is one of those things that has suffered, not […]

Getting Motivated and Fit With Joe DeSena’s New “Spartan Fit!” Book

  Spartan Race founder and owner, Joe De Sena, is releasing his newest book, “Spartan Fit!” this summer 2016.  His last book, Spartan Up!, was a New York Times Bestseller, providing guidance to those wanting to become a true Spartan, and this book is a diet and workout plan to get you fit and ready to […]

Buyers Guide to Yoga Wear

    More and more people are starting to catch the yoga bug.  Those who are in the know understand that buying the right yoga wear is so important, not for style but for functionality.  Yoga outfits must be comfortable and must allow free range of movement so that the wearer is not constricted in […]

Busy Mom? Fitting a Makeover Into a Demanding Lifestyle

Busy moms may work hard to get their bodies back in shape after a pregnancy.  But, sometimes, it just doesn’t happen. Here’s how to plan out, and research, a tummy tuck procedure between diaper changes so you can get your body back. How To Choose The Right Doctor Choosing the right doctor isn’t as easy […]

Maddie’s Mark 2015 October 5k and Virtual 5k

As you may know, September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.  You can support a great cause this October by participating in a Maddie’s Mark 5k.  Maddie’s Mark is a not for profit Foundation dedicated to helping people enjoy their ‘best days ever’.  The foundation was created in memory of Madeline Musto, who became passed in February 2012, […]

Shamma Sandals – Comfortable Barefoot Shoes

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I love being barefoot.  To the point of wearing through socks all winter because I won’t wear slippers.  I pretty much wear flip flops or sandals all summer.  When I heard about Shamma Sandals, I was intrigued, because I have heard a […]

Run Baby Workout Belt

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I haven’t been running as much as I would like to lately, and that has been replaced by being on my feet all day at work.  Leaving me with the same need for a way to carry my phone, but without any […]

Fit-Flux Running Belt Review

  This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I am a runner. I love leisurely jogs around the neighborhood or 5K races when they roll into town. I usually carry my iPhone and house/car keys with me when I run. I started out with carrying the items in my […]

Spring Has Sprung ~ With PROBAR!

  Winters in upstate New York are long.. and very cold.  We did our best to survive the winter with some outdoor activities, like snowshoeing. As much as we got creative to pass the blustery days… …we were more than ready for warm weather.  And suddenly, spring arrived!  Things are in full swing around here, […]

10 Tips For a Successful Summer Slim Down

    The sun is out and the beach beckons. Want to look perfect by the pool and in your prime at the park when the weather heats up? Follow these ten top tips to ensure that while the mercury rises, the needle on your scales falls as you enjoy a summer slim down… Plan […]

Balini Sports ~ Yoga and Active Wear

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  Life just seems to be busier than ever for me between work, juggling the kid’s activities, and much more.  Needless to say, fitting in some of my own time for being active and being comfortable are both a must for me.  Balini […]

Limeapple Active Wear for Girls

  This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I have two very active little girls who keep me very busy!  When we aren’t just outside soaking up wonderful weather, we are off on some kind of adventure, whether it is hiking or camping or just around the neighborhood on […]

FlipBelt (**GIVEAWAY**)

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I have recently made a commitment to working out more consistently, especially as my kids get older and I have been determined to be healthier.  I have been spending a lot of time running and going to the gym, and the more […]

Why I’d Rather Be a Couch Potato Than Anything Less Than My Rock-Hard Self (Comical But True)

Don’t laugh. It’s a true story.  (Okay, maybe you can laugh a little.)  Ever since I had kids, it’s why I have despised to start a workout program after I have been away from working out for prolonged periods. It starts out the same every time. I’m motivated, pumped even.  I start my new regime […]

Fitness Tips For the Busy Mom

Finding time to exercise when you have kids is no easy feat, but modeling regular fitness is such a vital part of teaching our kids to be healthy and to develop lifelong fitness habits.  It’s my biggest motivation every day.  The easiest times I have had in exercising have been when I have kept a regular […]

Finding the Right Jogging Stroller

Now that the weather has finally cooled enough, it is an excellent time to take your jogging (or walking) outside – and with your little ones!  But before you head outdoors, make sure you have the right running shoes, a good running app or two, some great tunes, and the ideal jogging stroller. With the […]

Balancing Exercise and Mommyhood

So you have two or three children and they seem overwhelming at times…you can still get your workout in!  While I am not an elite athlete, I have been able to continue to stay fit and race on occasion and be a mom.  I will not lie to you and say it is easy or […]

16 Rules to Eat By (by Leading Fitness Expert Dustin Maher)

Excerpt from Dustin Maher’s Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay your Kids ~ Chapter 5 Fuel as Food.  We will be doing a full review of this book and have a great giveaway next month! Here are the 16 rules that I believe are the cornerstone of what you should […]

February for a Healthy Heart!

February is the month for hearts, and not just of the Valentine variety.  Heart disease kills more women than breast cancer.  In fact, something that is so easily preventable through exercise and nutrition is our #1 killer, a sedentary lifestyle being the main risk factor. As busy and tired mothers, it is often difficult to […]

Finding Time to Exercise When You Have Kids

Being married to a former professional athlete and being a former personal trainer, swim instructor, and dancer myself, I used to workout.  A lot.  After college, my weekdays consisted of 4 to 5 days of a solid running program, while my Saturdays were filled with at least 4-5 hours consisting of trail running, a spinning class, an aerobics class and […]

What About Me?

Every New Years’  Eve, I ask friends for resolution suggestions.  This is (a) because I never know what to resolve and (b) I feel like it tells me a little bit about what my friends think of me, and who doesn’t like that? New Years’ Eve 2009, when my youngest child was a month old, […]

Exercising When You Have Kids

Elizabeth writes for us again… I’ve found it to be difficult to get into an exercise routine since having children. I just don’t have the time to do jumping jacks, touching my finger to my toes, running on a treadmill, and doing push ups. Okay, I lied. I’ve found that if you really want to do […]