How Working Moms Can Keep Up with House Cleaning

  Balancing a full-time job around running a home and raising kids can be challenging for even the best multi-tasking mom. If you’re like most moms, you might try to get all your house cleaning chores done all on the same day. Fortunately there is an easier way to ensure your house always looks fresh […]

Choosing Reliable and Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services

  When you are out in the market, looking for some of the finest cleaning services for your carpet or rug, you must consider and keep in mind a considerable number of factors before you can make your final choice. There are close to hundreds of companies that claim to offer the finest carpet cleaning service. […]

The Importance Of A Clean Move

  Life Transition Moving in a physical, unexplored sense is just the taking of items from one space, and the depositing of them in another space. But such a simplistic observation of the act fails to take into account fundamental psychological fluctuations which influence personality development. Consider your first move from the house, to that […]

Mellanni Supreme Waterproof Mattress Protector

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I have two kids, and I know the importance of a good mattress protector.  Over the years there have been so many accidents, from nighttime potty training to the kids getting sick in their beds.  My daughter has allergies that bother her […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning your Antique Engagement Ring

  Because your Antique Engagement ring is so precious It is vital to know the best way to clean it. These straight forward tips will show you exactly how. Gold and diamonds are precious substances that are highly prized throughout the entire world. When these rare commodities are fashioned into a diamond ring, they symbolize the love between […]

Milestones, Marriages and Memories: Keeping Your Treasured Dining Table in the Family

Another broken leg. Another scratched surface. What do you do now? Your family heirlooms mean more to you than most other things. So, you want to make sure that they’re well taken care of. Problem is that time has not been kind to them. Here’s how to turn back the clock and make those old […]

Maintaining Air Conditioning Systems Correctly

Air conditioning is an excellent way to control the climate in your home, and if you live in an area with a warmer climate, sometimes it is almost essential to living comfortably. If you make the investment of installing air conditioning in your home, you will want to make sure that you choose the best […]

Reasons to Have Your Bed Professionally Cleaned

  One of the most important things that you have to do when trying to function properly each day is to get a good night’s sleep. For most people, their bed is one of their prized possessions and something they try very hard to keep up. The longer that you have a bed, the more […]

3 Reasons to Have Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

  Owning a home is no easy job and in order to keep your home looking its best, you will have to make sure you take the time to clean and organize everything. This can be a lot easier said than done and for most homeowners trying to find the time to clean their home. […]

Filters 2 Your Door ~ Filter Subscription Service

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Life just seems to get busier and busier, and some chores just tend to get delayed or even forgotten.  One of those tasks that seems always behind schedule is changing our air filters.  The worst part is that my daughter has seasonal allergies, […]

Tips for Buying & Selling at Consignment Shops

  One of the best things I discovered shortly after I had my first baby was a local children’s consignment shop. I had never shopped at thrift shops or other used goods stores, but it soon became a source for many children’s clothes and toys.  And soon, I found myself selling things as well, like […]

Clean Your Pantry & Save Money

Do you ever notice that you end up with things that just tend to sit in your pantry?  You keep meaning to use them, and then those items are forgotten.  Eventually, items go past their expiration and you have to toss them.  I find it really frustrating to throw out food that I have been […]

Get Your Outdoors Organized

The cleaning up is seemingly never done.  As soon the house is clean it somehow becomes dirty again.  Perhaps this is what the wisest man to ever live, King Solomon, was referring to when he wrote in Ecclesiastes, “The sun rises, the sun sets, yet there is nothing new under the sun.”  Other than more […]

Get Rid of Fruit Flies ~ Naturally!

  Every spring and summer, I try to be careful about avoiding a fruit fly problem, but somehow they still sneak into our compost bin under our sink (even though I keep the bin and the cabinet closed).  Once we have fruit flies, I have a hard time getting rid of them.  It is difficult […]

Ditching Paper Towels for Cloth

  It can be easy to go through a lot of paper towels.  After having kids, I felt like I was going through way too many, with many more spills and messes than usual.  When we decided to try cloth diapers, I also wanted to try cloth wipes in the place of paper towels (or […]

3 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Join in With Chores

  Children and chores are two things that don’t go together. We all remember that scene in Mary Poppins where the children have loads of fun tidying up. In reality it is very rarely like that. Ask a teenager to tidy his bedroom and you might as well have poked a sleeping lion in the […]

Weekly Checklist To Keep Your Pool Clean This Summer

  When we first installed our family pool, we weren’t regular about maintenance. We quickly discovered that things got handled very ineffectively, many times on a “we’ll get to that soon” basis that led to some problems – a bit of algae build up, the pump working harder than it needed to because of a […]

Winter Cleaning Checklist

Tracked-in slush, ashes, dust – do these make way into your home on a regular basis during this season?  Winter can just be plain messy!  Since we’re cooped up indoors anyway, why not get a head start on Spring Cleaning?  Find our thorough but fairly short Indoor and Outdoor Winter Cleaning To-Do List featured on Home […]

Great Tips for Cleaning and Organizing During the Holidays and Beyond

The Holidays are upon us, and that means lots of visitors, well wishers, and family. We love this season, but life gets so busy, I never feel like I have time to really get the house ready for guests.  Just when one event ends, or one set of visitors leaves, another arrives.  And just when […]

How to get your kids to help you Spring Clean

Spring in Utah is beautiful. While the weather is warming up outside, we are busy Spring Cleaning inside. It is not a one man job and I really want and need our kids to help. Cleaning isn’t always first on their list of priorities so there are a few things that I do to make […]

The 15-Minute Purge

Kelly Gash is a Southern California-based professional organizer who can help you tame the clutter in your life.  Visit her website at Okay, so the kids are at school, at a play date, or napping.  You find yourself with thirty minutes (or maybe even a whole hour!) where no one needs your immediate attention.  “Perfect!” […]

Spring Cleaning & Lead Dust

Spring cleaning is much more challenging when you live in a place that has lead paint and lead dust.  It means thinking carefully about your environment, planning ahead, having the appropriate tools on hand and perhaps sending the kids away for awhile.  If you are pregnant, it would be best to ask (or pay) someone […]

Everyday Chores Get Greener

By Amy Levin-Epstein for Green Goes Simple Ready to make some eco-friendly changes, but not sure where to begin? Start with the things you do each day: chores! Yes, even small shifts in your daily cleaning routines can have positive effects on the planet — no extra elbow grease required. “People have a sense that […]

Dirty Enough to be Happy! (Plus GREAT Cleaning Tips)

“Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.” Phyllis Diller  “Make Your Home Clean Enough to be Healthy and Dirty Enough To Be Happy.” Unknown “Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don’t do it.” Unknown Our family is growing. Every day […]

How Healthy Is Your Bedroom?

By Marisa Belger for Green Goes Simple   The kitchen may be the most popular room in the house, but the bedroom is where you clock the most time. Human beings dedicate one third of their lives to sleeping. With good reason: Sleeping refreshes the body and mind, recharging you for the next day. And […]

How to Hold a Garage Sale

  Holding a garage sale may seem like an overwhelming task, but with some forethought, hard work and preparation, it can be a nice way to make some money and get rid of stuff.  Here are some tidbits of advice from someone who has already done three and is planning a fourth this summer! PLANNING […]

Speed Cleaning: The Cheat Sheet

Your friend calls and tells you she is coming over for a unplanned visit in 30 minutes, but your house is a mess.  What do you do?  Hopefully you are not put in this disadvantageous situation, but if you are I’m here to help!  You can panic for about 3.2 seconds (because that’s all you have time […]

Do It Yourself: Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solution

By: Melanie of We are all moms.  Therefore we understand that dirt is inevitable! Do you know how harmful the conventional carpet cleaners are? Hazardous ingredients have historically been a common feature among effective carpet cleaning products. For instance, 3M’s notable Scotchgard products contained perfluoro-octane sulfonate (POS), a persistent organic pollutant (POP) and potential hormone […]

Fall Cleaning: The Finish Line

Our fall cleaning segment is at an end. There’s quite a checklist to be done this time, so I highly suggest recruiting some people (husband, kids, friends) to help you tackle these outdoor chores.  Choose a nice (non-windy) and warmish day and make it fun.  Maybe even invite those helping over for dinner to celebrate […]

Fall Cleaning: Finishing Inside the Home

After a good cleaning of your bedrooms and bathrooms, you should be all set for housing those extra holiday guests.  If you realized that you need extra guest beds or your current ones are not in good condition, this is a good time (before guests arrive) to ask Santa for an early present… new bed sets. […]