Blogging Tips: Running a Successful Giveaway

  Giveaways are great for your blog –  readers love entering contests and it drives lots of traffic to your website.  Over the years I have learned some ways to become efficient at running a giveaway. Choose your giveaway widget & follow policies. There are numerous giveaway widgets, such as Rafflecopter and Giveaway Tools.  I […]

WordPress For Beginners: Make a Simple Blog Button

In continuing our WordPress for Beginners series, we will be discussing how to make a simple blog button.  Nothing fancy and something very easy and basic for you beginners out there. There are many free online places for you to make a blog button, but two of my favorite ones are Picnik and Scrapblog.  I use […]

WordPress For Beginners: Themes, Templates, Settings and Users

In continuing our WordPress for Beginners series, we will be discussing how to install a theme, what templates are and how you can use them to your advantage, general settings and adding users to your blog. Finding, Installing and/or Changing Themes on WordPress There are about as many theme choices out there (both paid and […]

WordPress for Beginners: Some Helpful Plug-ins

Next up in our WordPress for Beginners series are a few of my favorite and most useful plug-ins, how to upload them and a small demo of a couple of them.  Plug-ins are what make WordPress so glorious. how to upload them in 2 different ways using a featured gallery the advantages of adrotate, need url for […]

Tutorial Series: WordPress for Beginners – Pages, Menus and Widgets

If you’re a complete beginner on the WordPress platform and you need some help, you’ve come to the right place.  We’re in the middle of our WordPress for Beginners series, and we will be touching on the subject of pages, drop down menus and widgets for your blog’s sidebar. These are the other topics we’ve […]

Tutorial Series: WordPress for Beginners – Categories and Tags and Hyperlinks, Oh MY!

If you are just joining us in this series, you may want to check out our introductory post on this Beginner’s WordPress tutorial series and our previous video tutorial on creating and publishing a WordPress post. This post will be just a brief overview of categories, tags and hyperlinks… Categories vs Tags Both categories and tags […]

WordPress for Beginners Tutorial: Posts (Part 1)

In my introductory post on this beginner’s WordPress tutorial series, I told you that the next topic would be on publishing your posts.  And it is, but I had to divide it into two parts because it was getting rather long.  Let’s skip ahead for a bit and assume you have everything set up on […]

Need a Media Kit or Quick Sheet?

I have had numerous email requests to see our Media Kit and Quick Sheet and where we got them done.  To to tell you the truth I did it myself. What is a Media Kit?  Generally speaking in blog terms, a Media Kit is a multi-paginated, all-encompassing collection of your blog’s statistics and specific demographics. […]

Tutorial Series: WordPress Basics for Beginners (Intro)

Every once in a while I receive an email or comment, or I notice someone on one of the groups or forums to which I belong asking simple questions about WordPress.  It seems like many Blogger bloggers are afraid to make the switch because of the unknown platform of WordPress.  Instead of being intimidated by […]