Tutti Bimbi Baby Food Freezer Tray


  This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. When I had my first baby, I knew I wanted to make my own homemade baby food.  Making baby food is a great way to know exactly what your baby is eating and make some really great healthy, nutritious foods.  This [...]


Tips for Exclusive Pumping for your Baby

Tips for Exclusive Pumping for Your Baby

  With my first baby, I pumped for about six months, and with my second baby, I pumped for nearly sixteen months.  I thought I would write this blog post to share my experience and to encourage you to utilize pumping in any way it makes your life easier! My first delivery was very rough.  [...]

Avishi Organics Intensive Baby Balm

Avishi Organics baby eczema balm

  This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. My daughter has suffered from eczema since she was a baby.  As an infant, she would scratch endlessly, and I would put little baby mittens on her to try to prevent her from scratching herself.  However she was still miserable, and [...]

Luxury Gifts for The Baby Who Has Everything

Luxury Baby Gifts

  The announcement of a new royal baby has got us thinking. Bringing a child into the world is something worth celebrating. And celebrating in style. Whether you’re the proud parents, a relative or a family friend – and you’ve got a big budget, mind – these gifts are some of the most luxurious we [...]

Nursing a Fussy Baby?

Tips for Nursing a Fussy Baby

  If you are nursing a new baby and find that he or she is really fussy, consider what you are eating.  What you eat has a huge impact on your baby.  Some babies tolerate anything you eat and have no problems.  Others really struggle, and what you eat makes their tummies hurt.  Let me [...]

Dealing with Physiological Changes During Pregnancy


  Pregnancy is an incredible event on so many levels, not the least of which being the changes that occur to the female body during this nine month process. During pregnancy, a woman’s body effectively becomes an incubator for the fetus. The fetus’ very survival is dependent on the health of the mother and everything [...]

Torticollis: The Baby in the Little Blue Helmet


  “It’s just a flat spot, it’s totally normal, especially given the size of the babies,” the pediatrician assured me at Brandon’s 1 month checkup. Brandon was my “small” twin at 7lbs 14oz and he had laid, head down, under his 9lb 15oz sister for 9 months.  I could imagine it was cramped considering I’m [...]

Using Baby Walkers Safely – Tips and Guidelines


There are many infant “entertainers” out on the market today – from stationary activity centers and exersaucers to jumpers, bouncers, walkers and walk behinds, it can be a tough decision to discern which one(s) are best suited for your family’s needs, especially with any of the negative press that some of them receive.  For those [...]

Top Tips for Coping with a Newborn and a Toddler


Dealing with a newborn alongside a toddler is a challenging old business. It’s also the most rewarding experience I have ever been through and I wouldn’t change one aspect of my life. Apart from I’d really like some of those Ugg slippers. Before we welcomed our first baby, I had no idea how much I [...]

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and the Prenatal Vitamin

Pregnant woman excercises with gymnastic ball

“I’ve delivered literally thousands of babies over the past 30+ years,” says a smiling Dr. Doug Odom, M.D., an obstetrician and gynecologist in Jackson, Mississippi. “And I’ve talked with expectant mothers about the importance of good nutrition ever since I started practicing. But it wasn’t until Juice Plus+® came along that I felt really comfortable [...]

Foods for Infants to Avoid


When it comes to feeding a baby, some of us get a little nervous, and for a good reason!  There have been so many do’s and don’t’s, revisions and differing opinions on when to introduce certain solids and common allergens over the years, that it’s hard to keep up.  So what foods pose allergy risks [...]

Only the Necessities! (Baby Items Checklist)


Excitement, anticipation and joy are some of the emotions you feel when you are expecting a baby. You wait and wait to meet your new little bundle of joy, but as your due date approaches, the responsibility of it all can be  daunting. Especially when you are trying to figure out what you need to [...]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing YOUR Perfect Carrier

Family Black and White

by Michal Chesal, President of Baby K’tan Before I developed the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier, I was faced with so few options on the market for baby carriers. Today, the options are almost limitless. With such a wide variety of carriers on the market, including wraps, structured carriers, unstructured or Asian-style carriers such as the [...]

9 Most Common Childhood Diseases

9 Most Common Childhood Diseases

Having a baby is an adventure in medical care. You are learning which bugs are harmless and which ones are more serious. You can rest assured that most colds and bugs your child gets are normal and relatively harmless. They just make your baby miserable. It becomes a trial by fire but you don’t have [...]

Attachment Parenting: A Close Bond from the Start


  New parents are always receiving advice, some of it is valuable and some of it is completely out there. Sometimes we need it, but sometimes it is unsolicited.  With all the advice, suggestions and methods of parenting, it might be confusing for a new parent to decide what kind of relationship they want with [...]

2012: A Diagnosis and a Year of Change


2011 came and went faster than I could blink an eye, with the dawn of many new and great adventures that God presented to us. I wanted to start off this New Year talking about a very serious health problem that I have been dealing with and felt that sharing my experience would help other [...]

Babies, Babies, Babies! (Looking Back at 2011)


 This year we were thankful for the babies born in 2011.  Just look at all these adorable faces!          A BIG congrats to 8 of our ANOM writers, (in order) Heather, Keleigh, Melanie, Sarah, Lindsey, Melissa, Valerie and Maria, in the birth of their beautiful babies this year!  (You can read a few of their [...]

The Natural Birth – Tips, Cliff’s Notes, Sample Birth Plan and more!

father and his newborn daughter, a couple of hours old

With the impending birth of our third child in a few very short weeks, I have been giving some thought to writing down some tips that helped me with the natural birth of our second child after having had a medicated one previously. Natural birth.  I know these can be scary words, especially the way that [...]

Baby Goes Vintage


By Amy Levin-Epstein for Green Goes Simple Babies are cute, but — I’m sorry to say — they’re hardly green. These tiny little humans need a whole lot of stuff! “Between the diapers and the plastic bottles, and the packaging it all comes in, there is a lot of waste,” says green parenting expert Dr. [...]

10 Reasons You Should Consider Cloth Diapers

10 Reasons to Cloth Diaper

 Expecting?  Have a baby in diapers?  Don’t throw your money away!  Consider cloth.   Here are 10 reasons you need to take a look at modern cloth diapers.   10. They’re adorable.  The prints, the colors, the fluffy soft fabrics.  Aah. 9. They’re more like disposables than ever.  With “all-in one” styles and Velcro closures [...]

$16,144.83 vs. $1,385.05


When I first looked into cloth diapering I was blown away by the price, seriously $19.99 for a SINGLE diaper? I was a major coupon-er, I looked for deals, I would hold out until I found an item for a certain price. If I was handed $20 and told to go buy diapers with it, [...]

How to Cloth Diaper

How to Cloth Diaper

Everyone does it differently, but there are so many bad stigmas that deal with cloth diapering that I thought I would address them, and show you what my day consists of. First of all, lets address the following issues: Pins? No! Bleach buckets? Absolutely not. Cloth diapers now have snaps or Velcro. If you wanted [...]

Is Naptime a Nightmare?

Johnson pictures 1305

Our little ones need naps. Babies that have good nap habits have better nighttime sleep habits. It is important to set a routine early, from birth, to help set the stage for years of good sleeping. Here are some general tips. Under 3 Months. Newborns don’t have working internal clocks yet. It isn’t until they [...]

My Role as a Human Pacifier


I know some of you will be able to relate or even sympathize with this scenario, and then again some of you won’t agree with my thoughts on the subject.  Either way, I’m ok with it.  I don’t need sympathy nor assurance, and I know that mothering a child is a very personal thing – [...]

Traveling with Toddlers


The holidays are a great time of year. A time to be with our families and friends. There are a lot of us that will be traveling to be with those we love. Traveling with young children can be hard but there are a few things we can do to make the trip a little [...]

Designer Diapers: Cloth Diapering in Style

The BumGenuis (R) Artist Series by Chelsea Perry

The most common reasons we hear for choosing to cloth diaper your baby are: they are more economical than disposables, they are better for baby’s skin, and they are better for our planet. As cloth diapers continue to grow in popularity, we can now add a new reason to the list…cloth diapers and covers are [...]

Cloth Diapering On a Budget

Cloth Diapering on a Budget

Cloth diapering has been making a comeback during the last few years as more attention is being paid to both our economy and our planet. Because cloth diapering costs less than disposable diapers and is considered the more eco-friendly option, many parents, both new and experienced, are taking a second look at cloth. In fact, [...]

Baby wearing: My experience

Boba Carrier

When my daughter (now 5 1/2) was an infant, my baby wearing experience was limited to the Baby Bjorn.  Our use of that was short lived since it wasn’t comfortable for my daughter or for me. Both of my children love(d) to be held, so I spent the good portion of a year and a [...]

Cloth Diapering – What You Need to Know!


This week we are trying to raise cloth diaper awareness… I often think “Why didn’t I do this earlier?” I hesitated with my son, though I am still regretting it now (he’s been potty-trained for well over a year), and didn’t start with my daughter until she was 5 months. Honestly?  I thought it would [...]

Cloth Wipes: Green and Frugal!

Cloth Wipes: Green & Frugal

Cloth Wipes are a must have for any cloth diapering family, but they are a wise choice for all Moms.  They are economical, “green” and you have complete control over ingredients. Pictured in the photo below (left to right) are Ruby Moon Wipes, Planet Wise Wipes, Kissaluvs Wipes, Homemade wipes made from burp cloths, baby [...]