Attachment Parenting: A Close Bond from the Start

  New parents are always receiving advice, some of it is valuable and some of it is completely out there. Sometimes we need it, but sometimes it is unsolicited.  With all the advice, suggestions and methods of parenting, it might be confusing for a new parent to decide what kind of relationship they want with […]

My Role as a Human Pacifier

I know some of you will be able to relate or even sympathize with this scenario, and then again some of you won’t agree with my thoughts on the subject.  Either way, I’m ok with it.  I don’t need sympathy nor assurance, and I know that mothering a child is a very personal thing – […]

Baby wearing: My experience

When my daughter (now 5 1/2) was an infant, my baby wearing experience was limited to the Baby Bjorn.  Our use of that was short lived since it wasn’t comfortable for my daughter or for me. Both of my children love(d) to be held, so I spent the good portion of a year and a […]

Saving My Baby

This is an inspiring story from Sarah Kaganovsky…dare ya not to get teary-eyed!! I gave birth on a February afternoon by repeat caesarean. A pink, squalling bundle was handed to me, and I gazed lovingly into eyes that seemed to recognize me. I whispered sweet words of belonging to this girl child of mine, and comforted […]