7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

With spring just around the corner, you need to give it the welcome it deserved by cleaning everything up. Here are a few cleaning tips to get you started.

  1. Clean the refrigerator: The refrigerator should be the first thing to clean in preparation for the much warmer temperatures. Salt and soda water make the best combination for the ideal refrigerator cleaner. The abrasive texture of salt combines perfectly with the bubbling of soda water to provide a better and more efficient cleanup job.
  2. Clean faucets: Limescale and other forms of dirt build up in and around faucets throughout the winter season.  To clean these, lay paper towels over all faucets, then soak the towels in vinegar. Give it 30 minutes for the deposits to soften, then scrub it off.
  3. Clean screens:  Clean all screens with a piece of carpeting. The carpeting material makes it possible to get rid dirt easily.
  4. Give the windows a thorough clean:  Soapy water and a piece of rag should come in handy when cleaning your windows. According to https://connectcleanersperth.com you could also use a windscreen squeegee for a more efficient cleanup job.
  5. Clean the drapes as well: The window drapes will also need to be cleaned too. Detach them from the hooks, then run the fabrics through the air-fluff dryer and a wet towel to draw off dust. Put them back or hang replacements of the same.
  6. Clean the ceiling fan: Wipe each fan blade to remove dirt and dust that might have accumulated in the same.
  7. Air out blankets, comforters, and pillows: These do not necessarily have to be cleaned up entirely. Hanging them outside on a clothesline may be all you need to restore some freshness.