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Red Yarn

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We have enjoyed Andy Furgeson’s “Deep Woods Revival” CD, which brought to life lots of old classic folk music for kids.  Furgeson is back with another album, “Wake Up and Sing”, about walks of daily life.  This album still has that great folk/folk-rock sound, but this time with a new twist of original music inspired by everything from personal experience to musical influences.

Wake Up & Sing is a little different from Ferguson’s last two albums, Deep Woods and Deep Woods Revival.  While those previous albums were an awesome remake on American Folk Classics, Wake Up & Sing takes us on Ferguson’s own personal journey of original songs.  This is such a relatable album filled with a collection of thoughts and feelings from everyday life.

There is a great variety on the album, featuring different artists and instruments (including many vocals as well as instruments like guitar, banjo, rhumba box, tongue drum, balafon,, Moog, hulusi) to tracks that each have their own character.

Check out “Beautiful Day” here (and be prepared for this one to be stuck in your head!):


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This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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