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Flik Flops

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

I have two kids, and flip flops are a staple of our summers.  I was excited to learn about Flik Flops – light up flip flops – and new instantly that my girls would love them!

FlikFlops was officially launched in 2014 as a family business engaging the entire family of five. With three kids under the age of 8, the project was a collaborative experience where everyone had a part in the design and creation of the business. The 7-year-old came up with the idea, the 6-year-old with the name and little brother helped in quality control, in other words testing the durability of the product. The rest is history.

Flik Flops come in a variety of designs.  With 12 to choose from, it was a tough decision!  We went through all the designs several times before the girls made their final choices.  There is something for everyone and I wouldn’t mind a pair myself.

Flik Flops

The kids have been so excited to wear their Flik Flops.  These seem not only like a fun product, but a nice quality one as well.  The soles are firmer than some other flip flops the kids wear, so they seem to hold up well.

My girls have been wearing these everywhere, from the pool to the playground.

The Flik Flops are really fun to wear in the evenings, because they have three bright lights that flash along the sides.  My kids think this is pretty cool, and they have also gotten lots of compliments.  How much fun to wear these to an evening event and have their flip flops lighting up!

Flik Flops

These Flik Flops are such a fun product!  My kids love them and I love that Flik Flops are not only fun, but good quality flip flops.

Visit Flik Flops at http://www.flikflops.com/

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This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


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