Instagram Tips

Instagram is one of my favorite forms of social media!  I really enjoy using it not only for my blog but in general.

Here are some tips I have learned along the way to get the most out of Instagram as a blogger.

Make sure you fill out your profile.

Make a nice profile.  Write a little something about yourself, and your blog website address and an e-mail address.  You want to give people the opportunity to visit your blog and also to be able to contact you!  Be sure to upload a profile photo.

Use hashtags and always tag when possible.

Don’t overdo it with the hashtags, but also take full advantage of them!  You don’t want to list dozens of hashtags, but I often use a dozen to cover the subject I am posting about. For example, you post a picture of your cat.  Use #cat, #cats, #catsofInstagram, #BengalCat, and so on.  This is a great way to connect with other pet owners.

But especially consider the hashtags that fit in your blogging niche.  For instance, I love healthy, vegetarian foods.  One of my favorites are green smoothies, so just a few of my favorites are #organic, #cleaneating, #greensmoothie, #breakfast, #nonGMO, #coconutmilk, #kale, #healthyeating, #smoothie, #vegetarian, #vegan.

Lastly, tag Instagram accounts when possible.  I generally always post about things I am reviewing, and I make sure to tag the company if they are on Instagram.  Even if I am posting about something I am not specifically reviewing, I use the tag feature.  It is another great way to connect with people and companies.  Also, I do put a #notsponsored hashtag if that is the case!

Follow other Instagram users.

There are several ways to find other users to follow: ~ let Instagram connect you with friends, family, etc. (it can connect via Facebook, e-mail, and so on). ~ search via hashtags.  So if you just posted about your favorite non-GMO smoothie, click on your own hash tags and check out other Instagram users. ~ check out your followers.   You may very likely want to follow the people who are following you, who likely follow you for the same or similar interests.


I really do like Instagram, and I don’t just post and leave.  I interact with other users, whether I know them or not.  It helps make relationships and build your Instagram account, as people will interact back.  Engage users by asking questions or leaving comments or questions on other pictures.

Have fun and be creative.

I feel kind of silly Instagramming a lot of things.. but have fun with it!  Get creative with your pictures and filters, and all the other tools Instagram has to offer.  If you are working on reviewing products for your blog, work them into your daily life and capture that on Instagram.  Sometimes my creativity comes to me when I am sitting through hours of swim lessons and I have a moment to go upload a photo to Instagram.

Find a good balance.

I mix in some sponsored content, but not a lot, and I try to make it natural, not like a sales pitch.  If you need to post something sponsored to Instagram, make it natural as possible, like how you used something in daily life (e.g. you took it to the beach or in the car when you dropped the kids off at school). I try to use a wide variety of pictures, because although I want to take photos of my garden veggies every day, I restrain myself and go for different topics.  I have found that people really enjoy pet and flower photos, which are easy to come by (at least in the summer).

Hope these tips helped!  What I love about Instagram is that I would use it whether or not I was a blogger.

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Happy Instagramming!