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This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Our family loves sushi.. a lot.  Back when I was in college, I remember when our college campus added sushi to the menu, and I used my meal plan for sushi almost every day.  To this day, I could still eat sushi just about every day!

Since having kids, sushi is not a part of our daily routine.  We rarely go out to eat, and although the kids love sushi too, I don’t make it as often as I would like.  The reality is, it isn’t the easiest to make and it can be a hassle. I was hoping SushiQuik would help streamline the sushi-making process!


The SushiQuik kit comes with:

– A Training Frame to help you properly measure the rice.
– A non-stick paddle to help you spread the rice.
– Two end caps which can also be used as sauce soy holders to dip your sushi roll.
– Our super cool SushiQuik Sushi Roll Cutter which will guide your knife and save your fingers!

So the first step is to choose your ingredients and make your rice.  My kids like cucumber and cucumber-avocado rolls, so that is our go-to roll.  I also get low-sodium soy sauce since my kids tend to be a bit heavy-handed with the soy sauce!

After cooking my sticky rice, I let it cool a little bit.

My 7-year-old read the instructions and for the most part, assembled the first roll using our SushiQuik kit!

You place a sheet of nori (dried seaweed) on the roller, and then place the frame over it, which serves as a guide for the rice.  What I love is that the rice paddle actually does not stick to the rice!  Gone are the days of wrestling with sticky rice and the back of a spoon!


Next, you take your ingredients and place them about a quarter of the way up the roll.  We are vegetarian, so we use either avocado or cucumber and avocado.


Next, I put my fingertips on the veggies and begin to roll.  (This was actually after we rolled our sushi and took the roller off the base).  You want to wet the furthest edge of the nori (which is clear of rice) so that it will stick and hold the roll shut.


Use the guide to cut your sushi.  I love this thing, because it holds the roll together and you can cut it evenly.  In the past, I have really messed up some sushi rolls trying to cut them, making a mess.


Enjoy your sushi!


You can use the end caps as cups for your soy sauce.


We eat a lot of sushi in our house, so we make enough rice to last a few nights.


My 5-year-old doesn’t like anything in her sushi, and she doesn’t like me to cut her roll either!  So here is what her roll looks like – I simply cut a sheet of nori in half, and put a little rice on one long edge, leaving about 1/2″ clear, then rolling it like a regular roll.  She likes to dip it in soy sauce and eat it as a long sushi roll!


So how does the SushiQuik set differ from traditional sushi-making supplies?  For starters, a 7-year-old can do it!

In the past, we had a bamboo sushi mat for making our sushi, and that was our only tool.  I think my favorite SushiQuik tool is the rice paddle, which does a fantastic job of spreading the sticky rice – without any rice sticking to it.  So much better than struggling with a large spoon!  I also like the plastic roller, which is substantial and easy to clean.  The bamboo roller would get bits of rice stuck to it and was not as sturdy for rolling.  And the guide is a great way to measure where you need to spread the rice on the nori.  Overall, all very useful tools for making sushi.


I would recommend this kit especially if you are new to making your own sushi.  It is so easy to make at home – you can eat healthier, get creative with your sushi, and save money too!  My kids love having the option of sushi whenever they like!

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This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.



  1. 1

    Now that is so cool! The husband is uber crazy about sushi, and he would absolutely love this for a gift.

  2. 2

    I’m always on the lookout for new meals to prepare for my family. I think making our own sushi would be a really big hit with my family. This makes it look easy too!

  3. 3

    That does make it much easier than using a hard-to-clean bamboo mat. I hope they hold up well in the dishwasher after many uses!

  4. 4

    This is pretty awesome! I have been craving sushi for a while, but afraid to buy them. I bet I can make them at home, they will be perfectly safe for poor pregnant me

  5. 5

    What fun! My husband would love this.

  6. 6

    That is the neatest gadget I’ve seen all year. I would love to make my own sushi!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. 7

    This is fantastic! I wish I had seen earlier. This would have been a great gift from Santa for my little sushi eater.

  8. 8

    No. Freaking. Way! We are a huge sushi family but have never made it t home because it seems intimidating. I am going to buy a few of these right now and have a sushi making night with the family!!! YAY!

  9. 9
    Rebecca Swenor says:

    This sounds like a product I would actually love to have indeed. I have never in my life tried sushi but would be will to compromise as you did. It would be something different and would look really nice and yummy too. Thanks for sharing.

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