The Amazing Zhus ~ Magician & Stunt Pets!


Disclaimer: I received free products from MomSelect and Cepia, LLC; all opinions are my own.

My kids were bursting at the seams when we received our Amazing Zhus.  After ripping open the boxes, the girls were thrilled at how cute these little pets are – but were also super excited about the accessories!

Amazing Zhus

There are numerous mice, which come in a variety of cute colors and patterns, and each comes with a cool name as well.  My 5-year-old went right for Abra, a white mouse with cute pink accents.  My older daughter fell in love with Dynamo, a blue mouse with a lightning bolt in his eyes and a swirly pattern on his back.

Amazing Zhus

The kids have fun chasing the Amazing Zhus around and seeing what they will do next.  These little critters do quite well across the floor and rugs, even going between different “terrain” surprisingly well.  My kids have enjoyed showing their friends the Amazing Zhus, which have been enjoyed by different ages, and both boys and girls.

Amazing Zhus

The High Dive is a really cool accessory (and just one of the few cool Amazing Zhus accessories), and my kids were not only excited to watch the Zhus do this trick over and over, but also couldn’t wait to show their friends!

Amazing Zhus

The brave Amazing Zhus make the impossible possible! Watch as they free fall a spine-tingling 30 inches from the High Dive into a tiny bucket of water below! They will work up the courage and make the brave leap of faith! Listen to the crowd cheer and gasp in amazement!  No batteries required. Includes 1 High Dive and 1 Magician Card.

This is such a unique toy that has provided so much entertainment.  You mount your Amazing Zhu on the platform, and they are ready to go!  … or maybe not.  The kids love how the Zhus creep up to the edge of the platform and then shriek and back up!  After some encouragement from the crowd, the Zhus shoot down the high dive.

Amazing Zhus

My kids were excited to show off their pets with the Shell Game too.  Just like the classic shell game, you hide the pea under a shell, shuffle them around until no one knows where it is.  However, the Amazing Zhus Magician Pets can always find the hidden pea!  My kids think this is a pretty cool concept, and love the idea of surprising their friends with this little magical twist.

Amazing Zhus

The kids had so much fun with the Amazing Zhus, which even joined us for snacks (especially as the kids munched on some cheese).  I had to warn the kids not to let the Zhus run right off the table.. and in no time they were back to playing with the mice!

Amazing Zhus

These cute little pets have gotten so much use and a lot of play.  The kids feel like Christmas arrived early, and after having the chance to share with numerous friends, were just as excited to show their grandparents and anyone else who would watch their Zhus zip around the house and do some tricks too.

You can check out some of our Zhus in action here:

These are just a few of the Amazing Zhus mice and accessories, and the kids have added more to their Christmas wishlists.  Be sure to check ot the The Amazing Zhus at, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Amazing ZHus

Disclaimer: I received free products from MomSelect and Cepia, LLC; all opinions are my own.




  1. 1

    What an absolutely adorable toy for the little ones this Christmas. If my kids were smaller, they would love this.

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    I have never seen these before. They are so cute. My daughter would love them.

  3. 3

    These are so fun! My son just got one for a gift.

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    Such a cute toy! My son would have loved this when he was younger.

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