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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post; however all opinions are my own.

My kids are big fans of using our iPad and iPhones, but we try to limit how much time they spend using them.  We try to find educational apps to make their time well-spent.  One company that offers many of these apps is Kids Academy.

My daughter started this year in Kindergarten at age 4, so it is important for us to make sure she keeps up with learning skills such as letters, sounds, words, and so on.  These apps were also great for preschool learning, and make learning fun!

We have used their apps before, and if you have tried their apps in the past, be sure to check out their new updates!

Kids Academy

ABCs alphabet phonics & Montessori Learn to Read App

This is a good way to get kids learning a variety of things.  It is great for learning or reinforcing the alphabet, using capital letters.  Kids trace letters but also hear the sounds and see words associated with that letter.

Kids Academy

There are also mazes for both tracing and rhyming.  I love that this helps my daughter with fine motor control and learning to write, but also rhyming, which is something that the kids are working on in Kindergarten.

Kids Academy

Kids Academy

Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games free for toddler app

This is another good app for reinforcing the alphabet, using both uppercase and lowercase letters.  It plays back the sounds as well as a word associated with the letter, such as “alligator” or “bridge”.

My daughter loves the number game, where you trace numbers to earn fireflies.  What a great way to learn numbers and develop fine motor skills!

Kids Academy

Kids also trace the alphabet, going through the letters in order.

Kids Academy Bingo

Bingo ABCs alphabet phonics song with farm animals cards for toddler free app

The free version of the Kids Academy Bingo app is a very simple app, where my daughter can watch the Bingo song.  The graphics are super cute and kids can click in the game to interact (make the bird fly, plant flowers, and more).  The BINGO letters play out on the bottom of the screen while the song plays.

Overall, my Kindergartener had fun playing all of these these games.  The Kids Academy apps are a cute way for kids to learn things like letters, sounds, and more, without even realizing they are learning.  These are some great ways to get your little ones working on their preschool skills and prepare for Kindergarten too.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post; however all opinions are my own.


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