Homegrown Catnip



Our cat loves catnip (if you can’t tell from her picture!).  For years we bought dried catnip from the pet store, but if you can grow fresh catnip for your feline, you can tell how much cats love it!

Growing Catnip

I generally buy catnip plants from our local greenhouse, but after planting the first year, it has come up every year after.

Catnip Plant

You will want to note when your catnip goes to seed, because the seeds will scatter.  You may end up with quite a few catnip plants spreading throughout your garden or yard if the seeds spread.

You may also notice neighborhood cats visiting your catnip.  I notice our catnip gets chewed up, and although I rarely see our feline visitors, I see fur left behind on the leaves.

Harvesting Catnip

We pick the largest leaves of catnip off the plants each time we give it to our cat.  Our plants last all summer long, and then we dry the leaves in the fall before the plants die.

Catnip Picking

We rip it up the fresh catnip into little pieces and place it on a scratching mat.  You may want to sprinkle it on your cat’s favorite toy or around a scratching post.

Our cat loves to eat the fresh catnip!


Drying Catnip

You can easily dry catnip in the microwave.  In the fall, before our plants die, we pick all the catnip to dry.

Place a paper towel on a plate, line with catnip leaves, and place a paper towel on top.  Microwave for about a minute, then flip the towel over.  Microwave at 15 second increments, turning the paper towel over each time and checking to see if the leaves are dry.


Once dry, place in an air-tight container.

Catnip Planter Craft

You can make an easy recycled catnip planter using a milk container.  I cut off the end of a milk container with ears (on one side or opposite sides) and my daughter decorated it with a sharpie.

Catnip Planter






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