Ways to Reuse Plastic Cups


Ways to Reuse Plastic Cups

Somehow over the years I have collected many plastic cups from when we have gone out to eat, yogurt cups, and more.  We don’t eat out much, and we rarely eat fast-food, yet most places offer the kids plastic cups with lids for their meals.  I suppose part of me couldn’t bear to see the cup go to waste, and another part of me figured we would reuse or recycle the cups one way or another.  So here are some of the uses I have found for plastic cups!

Note: I am not a fan of using plastics with food.  The exception is when we eat out, and I reuse the cups only in ways where I am not going to worry about chemicals leaching into food or drink.

In The Car

There are lots of uses for keeping extra cups in the car, so I always keep a few stashed in our console.

We have a very large plastic cup in the car that my daughter keeps in her cupholder – she gets carsick easily, and throwing up in a large cup is a lot easier than trying to throw up in a bag or scrambling to find something else.  Yes, gross.  But it won’t spill and you can either toss the whole thing or wash it out.  I can’t tell you how many times this has been a lifesaver!

We also keep a stack of small plastic cups in the car.  These are great for lots of things –  when the kids want dry snacks like some goldfish, when they want to store something (like after they gather pebbles or plants at the park), and for a variety of other purposes.


Cups can be useful for a variety of purposes while camping.  We bring them along for the kids to use as rinse cups when they brush their teeth.  We also use them for storing stuff, such as a wet sponge for washing dishes.

Duck Tape

Plastic cups make for an easy duck tape craft.  You can make pencil cups, cut them down to smaller sizes for things like keeping loose change, etc.  I have even seen people make a cuff or bracelet band with a strip of plastic from a cup.

Washing / Scooping / Rinsing

Cups can be useful to have on hand for different washing needs.  Scooping water out of aquariums, rinsing things, scooping dry pet food, watering plants, and much more.


Plastic cups are very useful for crafts.  You can either use them to make actual crafts, or they are good for things like mixing materials, holding paint or glue, etc. (usually when you need something disposable).  For example, we had to mix Mod Podge with glitter for a project, and I needed something that I could throw out afterwards.  You can always cut the cups down to a small size if you need.


Aside from crafts, there are other uses for cups that involve mixing – if you need to mix chemicals, paint, stain, etc.


Have you found any useful ways to reuse plastic cups?




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    These are all super ideas. I love to reuse anything that I can or at least recycle it.

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