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This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Del Monte, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #DelMonteBTS

What a wonderful summer break we have had this year!  Between the amazing weather and good times, I am sad to see it end.  But as sad as it is to see summer come to an end, we are just as excited for the beginning of the school year.  This year means lot of big changes for our family, as our youngest is off to Kindergarten this September, joining her big sister at our amazing elementary school.

We have started preparing for the school year, shopping for school supplies, clothes, and more.  There are so many things to get done and to gear up for a whole new school year and a new routine.  We headed to our Walmart Super Center to get all our school supplies, from classroom necessities to lunch supplies.

Del Monte Fruit

One of the snacks my Kindergartener picked out on her own for school are Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers.  It is a relief that she loves these!  One of the big challenges we face this year will be snacks and lunches for her – not only does she have a severe nut allergy, she is an extremely picky eater.  With many aversions to foods, it is a daily struggle to get her to eat a balanced diet.  I love that she is getting a 1.5 servings of fruit per Fruit Burst Squeezer, and that these contain fruit and fruit juices – no dyes or unhealthy additives.  Plus, flavors like the Peach+Mango also contain veggies like carrots!

Del Monte Fruit

And my 7 year old?  She is not a picky eater by any means, but Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers are our go-to lunchbox item.  I have tried packing things like cups of applesauce, but they make a huge mess.  Not only that, but I’m pretty sure my daughter spends a lot of time being distracted at school meals, which means less time focused on actually eating.  The Squeezers are easy to open, quick to eat, and mess-free!

Del Monte Fruit

Plus, the Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers don’t have to be refrigerated, so they can be saved if your kids don’t eat them.  I can’t tell you how many times my kids bring home a snack I have packed, uneaten for one reason or another.  For this reason I have thrown out a lot of foods, from cheese to fruit.  I keep a whole bunch of these Squeezers in my car, because there’s nothing worse than hungry, grumpy kids, and not having something healthy to feed them.

Of course, despite buying many boxes of Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers to start off our school year, the kids couldn’t resist dipping into their supply.  I’m pretty sure we will be done with our boxes of squeezers well before school begins!  These have been a lifesaver on long days at the beach, hiking, camping, and more.  Here’s my older daughter taking a very quick break from swimming in the lake!  (I’m sure you can relate to making your kids take a break to eat?)

Del Monte Fruit

Our elementary school asks parents to send in a photo at the beginning of the school year of their child reading a book over summer vacation.  I took my digital photo on SD card to my Walmart Super Store.  From August 1 to September 13, you can get a free back-to-school print at select stores while supplies last!  What a great way to get a great print of your first day of school photos – and when you get your free print, you will also get coupon for $1 off the purchase of (2) Del Monte 4-pack Fruit Cups or (2) Fruit Burst Squeezers!


So head on over to your nearest Walmart Super Store for your back-to-school shopping needs, and check out Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers while you are there!  My kids are so excited for our last few weeks of summer activities, and they also can’t wait to go back to school!  This is such an exciting time, and although I know I will shed some tears on the first day of school, we are ready for the new school year!

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Del Monte, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #DelMonteBTS


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