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The product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

We listen to a lot of music.  I have been thinking how I would love for our music to be easier to listen to.. and then I tried a NYNE Cruiser Bluetooth Speaker.

Enhance your active lifestyle with the NYNE Cruiser, a rugged, portable wireless Bluetooth speaker you can take with you anywhere, anytime. Adjustable handlebar mounting clips let you add musical pizzazz to a leisurely bike ride or a humdrum gym workout. Use the carabineer to clip the Cruiser onto your backpack and take a hike. Got a cranky baby in a stroller? You’ll appreciate the convenience of lullabies or rock music at your fingertips, right next to the cup holder. The fashionable two-tone rubberized finish protects against spills or raindrops. The versatile NYNE Cruiser also features a 10-hour rechargeable battery, state-of-the-art NFC technology, and a built-in noise-canceling microphone for hands-free calling. If you’re on the move, you need the Cruiser!

I have to admit, I didn’t even use the instruction booklet.  I grabbed a power cord, hooking up one end to the speaker and the other to my phone charger.  I turned on the speaker (using the “on” button on the back).  I grabbed my iPhone and went into the “Settings/General” and it found the Nyne speaker immediately.  This all only took just a minute.

Every time I want to use my speaker, I choose my music and turn on the speaker, and it pairs up immediately.  I have used other bluetooth speakers and have had issues with my phone synching up with them, to the point where I stopped using them out of frustration.

Last year, right after we bought the Frozen soundtrack, I vividly remember borrowing my husband’s old plug-in speaker, and the kids pumping up the volume, and the quality was downright terrible.  The sound was blown out and fuzzy – it was literally unbearable.

Then we resorted to listening to music without a speaker.  My kids love dancing along to music, and the iPhone is absolutely no match for their singing (ok, shouting) and antics.

We use this speaker at home..


On the beach… (this speaker comes with an awesome case perfect for the beach or outdoors!).

NYNE Beach

In the backyard..


When we travel, and so much more.


Another thing this speaker is great for is at night when we travel.  At home, we usually have a fan running in our bedrooms, and there is not a lot of outside noise.  However, it seems like when we travel, there are all kinds of noises that wake up the kids, especially when we have to share rooms.  This speaker is an awesome way of playing music from a whitenoise app.

Plus, any time I am using the speaker, I can take hands-free phone calls using the Cruiser’s built-in microphone.  This feature has been really useful when I’m playing music while preparing dinner, and if a call comes in, I can take the call and continue preparing dinner while I talk on the phone.

I wish I had this product back when my kids were in strollers, because the Cruiser comes with two little clips that attach to a stroller (or bicycle, or anything else you can think of!).  This would have been awesome to attach to my bike trailer stroller while I was going on runs with the kids.

There are so many fantastic features of our NYNE Cruiser, and I love this powerful little product, which measures just 5.75″ x 3.25″ x 3″.  Besides the amazing sound and portability, another favorite features is that this plays up to 10 hours with the rechargeable battery.  Honestly, as a busy parent, I am not the best at keeping things charged or even keeping track of chargers and cords.  The NYNE Cruiser allows me to play music even when I am not prepared!

The NYNE is available for $79.95 from retailers such as Amazon.com (http://amzn.to/1oX4ntN).  Like their other products, the Cruiser comes in a variety of colors (in this case, black/silver, black/blue, grey/green, and white/grey).

NYNE makes a line of bluetooth speakers from the Bass to the Mini – there is really something for everyone.  There is even an Aqua speaker that floats on the water and is submersible to 3 feet!

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The product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.





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    That is a really cute speaker! We always travel with a portable speaker now and I’ll definitely check out this one when it comes time to retire our current one!

  2. 2

    That is pretty awesome. With summer we travel a lot. This would be cool to have

  3. 3

    Oh I need one of these so bad! I was looking at the ones that attach to your phone but this is so much easier!

  4. 4

    I love the look of it and want one!

  5. 5

    Oh I want one! I love how compact it is, would be perfect for the kids too!

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