10 Tips for Eating Healthier When You Fly

Eating Healthier

Whether a person flies regularly or not it is important to consider the food they consume while flying. Regular travelers might be eating plane food for lack of time to prepare the food while rare travelers might not know what is healthy on flights. Whereas it is difficult to ensure the meals are healthy, it is not impossible.

Here are the ten tips on how to eat healthier while you are planning to fly.

Eat before getting on the flight

With a full stomach one is not vulnerable to hunger and it might be difficult for them to eat snacks given on the plane. However, this is not as simple in long flights. Eating before getting the plane is a good idea as it helps eliminate poor decisions due to rush.

Pack food for the plane

Most of the people who opt for fast foods mostly do so because of the time constraints. However, if the meals were to be prepared during any free time prior to a flight there would be no last minute rush and unhealthy meals. The packed food does not have to be heavy also.

Carry Snacks and fruits

It is good idea to eat snacks and other light foods while traveling as they do not use a lot of resources to digest. There are foods that take no time to prepare like fruits while others, like dry fruits and nuts mix might require a few minutes to prepare. Packed food will help divert attention from the airplane snacks.

Purchase the right food

Sometimes it is impossible to pack something to eat for while on the flight and it is necessary to buy food on the road. During times like these when the buying the food on the road side is an option. When buying food along the way it is important to buy the right food.

Peruse the terminals for the most organic food

The food to buy includes sandwiches of either chicken or turkey, fruit, nuts with low fat yoghurt and water among others.

Eat Vegetables

The plane might delay and one might be forced to buy food in the airport. Whatever the case, industrial meat and refined carbohydrates will not give the body the energy it needs. Vegetables however nourish the body. One of the places to find these is at Mexican restaurants. Besides vegetables these restaurants have beans and rice which are also good for the body.

Stay Hydrated

 The human body is comfortable at a humidity level of 50%, an airplane in the air can get as low as 1%. The consequence of these is headaches, fatigue, and reduced concentration. In case one is prone to stomach upsets herbal teas will help contain them.

Treat yourself

Having your own sweets is better than eating those from the plane as it is easy to overindulge. Opt for the healthier foods with less calories like dates.


Some airplanes provide the healthy foods while others provide the cheap food. Learn which one you are getting and plan accordingly. Getting on a plane which serves unhealthy food might result in unwillingly eating unhealthy food.

Do not eat excessively

One should eat moderately when flying so as to reduce vulnerabilities such as feeling sick on flight.

Travelling is always troublesome. Eating healthier while travelling is always a difficult task and there is a chance of indulging in the unhealthy food easily while you are travelling. Therefore, follow this simple ten tips while you are travelling on the flight.


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