Randy Kaplan’s “Jam on Rye” CD

Jam on Rye Randy Kaplan

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

If you’re looking for some fun music to listen to this summer, Randy Kaplan has released his 5th children’s album, “Jam on Rye”.  Randy is known for his success as a versatile children’s singer and songwriter.  He has won numerous awards (such as the NAPPA Gold Award) and you may have heard about his music from Parenting Magazine, People Magazine, or NPR.

Randy’s music is well-known and beloved by both children and adults.  Even the song titles on this new album are fun!  There are songs for boys (burping and farting songs are always a hit with them), songs for girls (my daughter liked Jam on Rye and Slow Motion Mom), and songs for parents (So Funny I Forgot to Laugh and Time to Dream were two of my favorites).  As a dad, you know his music has been kid-approved!

There are 16 fun tracks on this album:

1. Burpity Burp Burp Burp

Whether you have a new baby or a little boy who loves burps and toots, this song just proves that gas is universal!

2. Jam on Rye

What would your menu look like if you substituted something that rhymed for the things you don’t like?

Instead of ham on rye, you’d get jam on rye.  Hilarious!

3. Hockey Puck

There are all kinds of sports that use balls, but not hockey!

4. Virginia, Vega, and I

Just fun.

5. Ode to a Shower Door

Haha!  Who knew there were so many advantages to having (or not having) a shower door!

6. Don’t Fill Up On Chips

Wise advice!  (How many times have you said this to your kids???)

7. Not Too Young for a Song

No one is ever too young for music…  Love this song!

8. Nagasaki

A toe-tapping song full of impossible rhymes…

9. Crew Cut

I had a Mohawk, but the hawk flew the coop.”

Hilarious song about all the silly names for different hairstyles.

10. Slow Motion Mom

She’s slower than a turtle on the moon…” 

This could be my personal anthem some days!

11. Slow Eater

Do you have one of these at your house?

12. Everybody Farts

I never considered a fart as art.

My boys think this is the best song on the album.  Singing about farting is so totally BOY!

13. Follow Your Nose

A musical mystery trying to determine the source of that smell!

14. So Funny I Forgot to Laugh

I suspect there are a whole host of people out there who can relate to the words of this song.

15. Time to Dream

A totally different tone to this song compared to the rest of the album.  A sweet lullaby!

16. Goodnight, My Someone (featuring Julie May)

A sweet rendition of an old favorite in which Randy’s wife sings!  Wonderful!

Randy Kaplan has once again created an album full of hits, with his typical easy style of writing and singing.  The variety of musical genres and subjects on this album are amazing and fun – you’ll find everything from a fun Calypso style song to a relaxing lullaby.  There are lots of different sounds, sound effects, and vocals (including kids), which adds lots of great touches to some already fun music.

Randy sings about things that nearly everyone can relate to, and the music is perfect for singing along – everyone will have a favorite song on this album.  I know that my kids loved it and therefore it will be added to the CDs we listen to while we are in the car.  (That is high praise in our house!).  Jam on Rye is perfect for those long road trips.

CONNECT!  Visit Randy Kaplan at http://www.randykaplan.com/

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BUY IT!  The Jam on Rye CD is available from CD Baby ($9.99 for digital download, $14.99 for a CD), and other retailers.

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


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