How to Eat Vegan While Travelling

As much as it’s admirable to be committed to your body by living a vegan lifestyle, it isn’t always easy, especially when travelling outside your hometown.  It can be quite frustrating trying to stick to your choice of lifestyle when restaurants are unfamiliar.  The good news is that it isn’t as difficult as you may think.

The following tips will help you out on how to survive a vegan lifestyle while on travelling.

• Pack a Meal or Two and Snack for the Journey

If you are travelling by air, don’t rely on the food served on the airplanes, since in most cases the food served in the airplanes are not so healthy. You can pack some sandwich, beans, or any other food which will not get spoiled during your journey time, in case you do not find something else to eat while on your journey, or you just feel hungry and you are not finding a veg restaurant nearby. Also, remember to carry an emergency snack with you.  Super foods such as chia seeds, hemp seeds and goji berries, and among others serve as an emergency pack and are especially helpful since they are so nutritious.

• Check out Restaurants in Advance

Doing this before you leave for your journey, it’s better that you would carry your own foods with you which you will need during your journey. Locate restaurants, markets and cafes that you may be planning to have a visit in advance. Bear in mind that they do not have to be specifically vegan places. Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Middle Eastern and Mexican foods can be a good alternative. Remember to do this before you leave for your trip so that you can have a smooth transition when you reach your destination.

• Learn the Useful Phrases in the Local Language

Be courteous and learn some useful phrases in the local language of the country you intend to visit. An example of a useful phrase can be “I do not eat meat/chicken/milk”. Do not expect the locals to know and comprehend what being a vegan means. Know the ingredients that are likely to be used and ask for substitutions or omissions, like no cheese on your pizza, or no milk in your tea, among other things.

• Pack Some Protein Powders

For the rest of your trip, pack some protein powders and other essentials which may be difficult to find after arriving to your destination. Plant-based protein may be the most difficult item to find, so having portable protein can be vital to help supplement the fat and carbohydrates that’s readily available.

• Make Good Use of the Local Markets and Supermarkets

Remember that you do not always have to eat at a restaurant, so you should buy some foodstuffs from the market or the supermarket. Buy things like hummus, bread, fruits and vegetables, beans and rice among other things, which you can snack on in the course of the day. In case you are in a country that hosts natural/organic shops, remember to check them out as well for your supplies.

Finally, travelling can be really fun and most people wish to travel almost all the time. So, just relax and have fun by following this simple tips and stick to your vegan lifestyle. Of course, some people may think you are crazy, but then again, it’s your life, right? When planning for your trip, get Turkey visas if you are planning to travel to Turkey or transit through Turkey.


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