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Putumayo australian playground

The product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Our family has been enjoying Putumayo Kids music for years.  I still remember the first two CDs we got as a baby shower present over 7 years ago (Dreamland and Folk Playground!)!

I was excited to check out Australian Playground, as I figured it would be unique music, and my kids are a good age to learn about music and cultures from around the world.

A musical adventure to Australia with fun songs about kangaroos, didgeridoos and so much more.

This CD delivers ten wonderful tracks of a variety of Australian music.

1. The NEO and Garrangali: Marrtjina (Let’s Go)

Marrtjina means “let’s go” in the Aboriginal Yonlgu.  A great start to the album and sure to get you moving along.

2. Seaman Dan: Mango Rain

This song features the ukulele, common in the Pacific Islands.  It was interesting to learn about “mango rain”, a rain shower that happens before monsoon season March and April, and helps the mangoes ripen early.  The vocals by “Seaman Dan” for this song are great; I love the unique sound of the artist, and your kids will love singing along “mucka tuka teah toka”!

3. Joe Hall and the Treehouse Band: Loose Change

This is a very fun, upbeat song that has a sort of reggae sound to it.  Joe Hall’s strong Australian accent has us singing along in our best accents!

Loose change in my pocket
Walking to the corner shop
Two green frogs and a paddle pop
I wish this day would never stop
In between making mudpies
We were dodging magpies
You could not have more fun if you tried
I wish this day would never stop

4. Garrangali: Mirri

Garrangali is an Aboriginal band, and their name means “descendants of the crocodile.”  Their music style includes a mix of reggae music from Jamaica, so they have a Caribbean sound but also use a yidaki (didgeridoo) and bilma (clapsticks).  The sound effects with the instruments are an interesting addition to this song.

5. Bob Brown: Give Me a  Home among the Gumtrees

This song was actually written in 1974 by Bob Brown and Wally Johnson and is a very popular Australian song, and I can see why – it is very catchy!  We are a fan of all the “Aussie” lingo in this song (Vegemite and gumtrees, to name a few).

Give me a home among the gumtrees
With lots of plum trees
A sheep or two, a kangaroo
A clothesline out the back, verandah out the front
You can see me in the kitchen
Cooking up a roast
Or Vegemite on toast
Just you and me, a cup of tea
And later on, we’ll settle down
And watch the possums play.

6. Don Spencer: Kangaroo (the Super Marsupial)

Don Spencer is a popular Australian musician and TV star, and this song is an ode to the kangaroo.

7. Rosie Burgess: Random Acts

Rosie Burgess plays guitar and harmonica with her band, singing about random acts of kindness.  A “bluesy” kind of song that has a more relaxing feel to it.

8. The Band of the South Australian Police: The Road to Gundagai

This is a folk song that is almost 10o years old, and the Band of South Australian Police has been around since 1884.  The Road to Gundagai is a Dixieland style song that talks about a small Australian town, and definitely has a ‘marching band’ sound!

9. Kamerunga: Seisia

This band performs Australian folk music mixed with a variety of sounds influenced by those around the world.  Seisa is a song about a beautiful location in Australia, and talks about things found in nature as well as “Dreamtime”, which according to Aboriginal mythology is when ancestral spirits created the world.

10. Lazy Harry: Waltzing Mathilda

This is another very popular Australian song, with lots of terms that you might not be used to hearing.  It is about a “swagman” (a man who roams from place to place looking for work).  He is “waltzing” (walking) with his “Matilda” (bag).  His destination is a lake (billabong) under a Eucalyptus tree (coolibah tree), and sings a song while he waits for his pot of water (billy) to boil.  A fun tale with a real Australian feel!

The great part about the Australian Playground CD is that there are so many different sounds, different performers, styles, instruments, topics, and more, and really showcases a variety of Australian music.

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BUY IT!  Australian Playground is available May 27, 2014 from a variety of retailers at a price of about $14.98.

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


Putumayo Australian Playground CD

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    Christine says:

    I think my kids would like the American Playground.
    Thanks for the chance!

  2. 2
    domestic diva says:

    I like that they have CDs with kids music in different languages. What a fun way to learn about the world.

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