Exploring and Enjoying Spring with Wet-Nap Wipes


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Here in New England, our winters are long – very long.  By the time the weather warms up in the spring, we are itching to get outside any chance we get!  If the weather is nice, we are outdoors!

Weekdays after school, we go to local farms, playgrounds, parks, or any other places that have cool things to discover in an afternoon.


On the weekends, we are exploring parks, trails, and so much more.  We want our girls to grow up with lots of great memories and experiences.  I have a background in environmental studies, and the combination of the outdoors and fresh air/exercise is something I love, and that the whole family can enjoy together.

Saturday and Sunday mornings, we pack up the car and head out to explore.  I want the kids to have as positive an experience as possible, so we pack up lots of snacks or lunch, baggies for saving things they collect, and other comforts such as extra layers to keep warm and a change of clothes.

Our typical weekend mornings look a little like this, and we are quickly crossing items off our spring bucket list!


Then it is off to do some exploring, whether we trek through mud to find a cool waterfall tucked away in the woods…


Or getting quite dirty digging for Herkimer diamonds at the mine..


Or goofing around while daddy sets up the fishing gear!


When the kids get tired and hungry, we look for a good point on our hike or outdoor adventure to take a break.  If we can, we find somewhere scenic and with a good spot to set up a little lunch picnic – perhaps a rock outcropping or bridge (or if we are lucky, a picnic table).  Then it’s time to do a little Wet-Nap cleanup and have something to eat.


This hike was one of our favorites this spring, because we got to check out a beautiful waterfall, which believe it or not, completely dries up in the summertime.  It was nice to sit down, relax and have lunch with the waterfall to ourselves.


After cleaning up (for a second time, since the kids decided they couldn’t resist digging up a worm), it was lunch time!


It is amazing how much the little ones can eat when they have truly worked up an appetite!  Refueling really helps bring their energy level right back up.


Another one of our favorites for a quick hike is a trip to the farm, where the kids greet the animals before we hit the farmstand to pick up goodies for our picnic.  My older daughter loves this Scottish Highland Cow, and she’ll tell you how “Rosie” has a tongue that is wayyyy rougher than a cat’s tongue.  She is an animal-lover, so we leave lots of time for the earless goats, chickens, turkey, and much more.


We are lucky that we can find fresh cider donuts year-round, which are a special treat.  So we grab a few donuts and apples from the farm stand and head up to this overlook to eat, with a couple of Wet-Nap packets to get those hands extra clean after feeding the cows, goats, pigs and more.  Although it was overcast on our last trip here, the view is beautiful, and this is an especially amazing place to come to see the fall foliage (another great thing about New England!).


And fter a long day out on the trail or wherever our adventures take us, we do a quick cleanup and head home (that’s if we don’t stop for ice cream!).  I can’t tell you how often we use our canister of Wet-Nap wipes we keep in our cup holder in the car.


I love getting fresh air and getting our hands dirty.. literally.  I encourage my two girls to be explorers, to check out their world and create their own adventures.  I love the memories we have created, as I look at the little muddy boots lined up by our door and the baggies of rocks and pinecones.

Where are you headed for your outdoor adventures this year?

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  1. 1

    How fun! We love taking our kids out on adventures too. We recently went to Skyline Drive for the first time, which they loved. And yes, those Wet-Naps sure do come in handy!

  2. 2

    Having wipes handy isn’t just for little kids! We use them all the time to clean up icky messes.

  3. 3

    I love Wet Naps. My kids are always getting into something when we are out and need to get cleaned up.

  4. 4

    I need to keep a canister in my car – I always seem to spill something in the car.

  5. 5

    What a FUN day out! Wet-Naps are the greatest thing to have around when you’re traveling. Cleans up picnics, spills in the car, you name it!

  6. 6

    I LOVE these pictures! Kids should explore and get dirty sometimes! Love Wet-Naps, they make cleanup a breeze.

  7. 7

    Nature is just so neat! And messy! I always pack wipes in the car…and my kids are now TEENS! They are incredibly useful!

  8. 8

    These are a must have in my house! My kids are always getting dirty and I feel good about using Wet Naps in the car, the house and even in my purse so I have them whenever I need them.

  9. 9

    We always keep cleaning wipes of some kind in our cars because we do a lot of outdoor activities. Especially in the summer with lots of camping and all. They come in so handy when you don’t have soap and water.

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