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I have been composting for many years, from when I was a kid to when I purchased my own home, and I continue to compost every day.  I can’t imagine any other way, and I have even brought banana peels and corn cobs home to put in the compost – that weren’t mine!  Composting is so easy, it is so great for the environment, and you get free compost out of it!  Did you know that places like San Francisco have mandated composting?

The only challenge I have ever had with composting was a kitchen composting system.  I don’t want to run out to the compost bin every time I have food waste (especially in the winter here in New England!).  I tried kitchen compost crocks, which are essentially a “holding” container until you can empty it into the compost bin.  However, I found that the crock would get so messy – soupy in the bottom, moldy, smelly, peels stuck to the sides.  It became a big source of frustration for me (especially as a busy mom – who has time for that kind of extra work?).  That is, until someone bought me a BioBag composting system!


I have used this system for about 5 years now, which uses this handy ventilated Max Air food waste bucket.  Instead of traditional compost crocks, which are sealed tight, the Max Air bucket is ventilated, and the bags are breathable, reducing odors and mold.  The liner bags are certified compostable, and you simply place one in your bucket, and you’re ready to go.  The lid stays up on the bucket if you choose to keep it open, or closed if you are worried about odors or bugs.  You can see how easy this whole system is!


I keep my BioBag composting system under my sink in a plastic pan.  As you can see, we keep everything in bins under the sink.  I do use a lot of wet food waste, including a lot of tea bags (since I drink multiple cups of tea a day).  On rare occasion, the bag has sat for too long and became wet on the bottom.  So if you are like me (with lots of wet compost), you may want to place this on a surface that cleans easily, or place a piece of newspaper in the bottom of your compostable bag.


Once it is full, you can remove the bag and carry it out to the compost bin.


Simply toss in your bag of compost and turn like you would any other compost.

BioBag Compost

These compost bags truly do break down.  Sometimes compostable products are designed for commercial compost applications, but this is in my Soil Saver compost bin.  This picture is from April, when my compost was starting to break down again after a long winter of being frozen.  As you can see, the bags degrade quite well.  This year I got quite a bit of wonderful compost from my compost bin, which I can say from experience has done wonders in my garden, not to mention that it saves me a bundle.

Bio Bag Decomposition

Bio Bag makes a variety of products that fit into your every day life.  For example, these compostable sandwich baggies.  As much as I try to use reusable bags in my kids lunches and for other uses, it doesn’t always happen.  What a great product – I can enjoy the convenience of a bag like this, without the guilt!

Bio Bag Sandwich Bag

There are so many other great BioBag products, from leaf bags to pet waste bags.  If you’re looking for an easy way to help the environment, check out their fantastic product line.


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This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


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    This looks like a perfect way to make composting more convenient & less messy in the kitchen.

  2. 3
    Kat Olmstead says:

    Definitely cleaner for the kitchen and the environment!

  3. 4

    I look for anything environmentally friendly. I love their compost system and really, really need it in my kitchen.

  4. 5
    Angela Killingsworth says:

    I learned that it was ventilated! I LOVE THIS!!!

  5. 6

    I love the compostable sandwich bags!

  6. 7
    Amanda T. says:

    I learned that BioBag is a world leader in providing bags and films for the collection of organic waste for the purpose of composting.

  7. 8
    Christine says:

    BioBag is a world leader in providing bags and films for the collection of organic waste for the purpose of composting.
    Thanks for the chance!

  8. 9
    Debbi Wellenstein says:

    “The city of San Francisco selected BioBag to promote their residential food waste collection psrogram.

  9. 10

    I learned that Bio Bag is the only compost bag company that makes compost bags exclusively!

  10. 11
    Samantha says:

    I love that they are a small company committed to ONLY producing certified compostable bags and films.

  11. 12
    Joyce Alexander says:

    I would love to win this & use one upstairs in my kitchen and one in my mom’s kitchen. Even though we have a garbage disposal, it’s always a great feeling knowing you’re doing your part in keeping the earth green!

  12. 13
    Joyce Alexander says:

    I learned that these bags are totally biodegradable and compostable.

  13. 14

    I like their pet waste bags!

  14. 15
    Beth BC says:

    What a useful product – cool!

  15. 16
    Rebecca Parsons says:

    Biobag is the world leader in products for composting.

  16. 17
    Jill Myrick says:

    I learned that BioBag is a small company of dedicated employees, who are fully committed to only producing certified compostable bags and films.



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