Bed Bugs: How to Protect Your Family


Canine Detecting Bed Bugs
As a mom with experience in the pest control industry, it is easy for me to quickly conclude that the ingredients in pest control products can affect the health of the entire family. However, I also tend to take this step for granted. In addition to protecting your family from bed bugs, it is also necessary to protect them from certain kinds of anti-pest products as well.

To increase safety and reduce the potential of harm, follow these effective and simple tips:

  • Prepare your home in advance. Many insecticide products require the removal of certain items from the home. For example, kitchen utensils and food supplies should not be left in the home during the treatment.
  • Research the product to ensure that all of the pesticides use organic materials and are safe for use around children and household pets. If the product is harmful to kids and pets, you reconsider using that product and continue researching other options.

Treatment Options

When thinking about pest control, always look beyond the toxicity of the product to the pests. If the chemicals are effective in killing the bugs, they could also leave a dangerous residue behind. It is essential to research and select a treatment solution using a product with botanical or natural ingredients.

Home Preparations and Techniques

My goal is to improve the safety of my community while reducing any serious risks. I, personally, prefer to use EcoSMART products that are not only effective but also made with natural ingredients. However, the products cannot do all of the work, so it is important to prepare the area properly.

Many of my friends ask me how to prevent and get rid of bed bugs. My response is to work with a trusted pest control company and follow this three-step procedure:

  1. Avoid bringing any items into the home from outdoors. Unbeknownst to you, bed bugs often cling to discarded furniture, clothing and luggage items.
  2. Correctly identify the pest. Incorrect identification may result in using the wrong product or technique. Bed bugs may look similar to common carpet beetles or cockroaches. It is important to use an experienced pest control professional who will know where to look and what to look for.
  3. Dispose of the infected items by placing them into heavy-duty bags, and wear gloves as a precaution. Try to find a sealed trash container for these items.

As a working mother in the pest control industry, using a bed bug product made from organic plant oils seems like an obvious choice. However, many others still remain unaware of these options. Educating each other regularly can help to close the information gap.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, reach out to a trusted pest control company right away. It is vital to identify and contain infestations early, before they are exacerbated.


Robin Mountjoy is a respected pest control expert, serving the industry through the National Pest Management Association, Virginia Pest Management Association and Northern Virginia Pest. You can find Robin’s latest articles on everything from termite damage to how to get rid of bed bugs on the Connor’s Pest Control blog.



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