Easy Ways To Add Olives To Your Next Meal


Olives are renowned for their good qualities and versatility – they can be used in appetizers, spreads, salads, and condiments.  Because of this, many people have fallen in love with these tasty treats. Interestingly, kalamata olives and other olive varieties suit a range of tastes – they can be pungent, sweet, sour, or bitter.

Using olives in food is a common trend.  Not only are they tasty, they are beneficial for good health, as this article from the George Mateljan Foundation discusses.  One of the main highlights of kalamata olives is that they are a rich source of Vitamin E, which is a requirement for everybody’s diet.  In addition, studies indicate that eating olive diets reduces chances of ovarian cancer by up to 30 percent, another incredible reason to include them in any meal that you can.

Olives may be so healthy but they have a strong taste when eaten raw, which can put some people, especially children, off them. This is a real shame, for olives make a great ingredient in many meals. Here are three ways to sneak olives into meals and snacks, ensuring you and your children are including them in your regular diet.

Olive Soup

Kalamata olives work well when used as part of a soup recipe – Yummly has some great examples. Apart from adding a great flavour, the soup retains most of the health benefits of olives, unless they are overcooked. In addition to a great flavour, olives will add body and texture to the soup. For even better results, consider adding other healthy ingredients like vegetables and a variety of whole grains to create a truly unique meal.

Olives in Bread

If you bake your own bread, using olives is a great idea. Just add some diced olives to the dough and mix well for an interesting flavour. This will bring a new variety of bread into your household that you can use on a number of dishes where plain white or wheat bread simply wasn’t enough. While it probably isn’t an everyday choice for things like sandwiches, it can be a great option for a Sunday dinner or special occasion.

Olives on Pizza

If you are a pizza lover – and most kids are too – it’s so easy to add olives. Using olives as a pizza topping is incredibly popular and something you have to try at least once. Most people use black olives for pizza toppings, but there is no harm in using other varieties too. One of the most important things is making sure that you use olives on the right type of pizza. If you find that ordering an olive pizza from a local restaurant isn’t to your taste, it may simply mean that you need to try olives with a few different types of toppings. Since everything from pepperoni to anchovies is an option, there are plenty of things for you to choose from when finding a companion ingredient for your olive-laden pizza.


There is a reason why Greeks are so fond of olives and use them in most of their meals. The tiny fruits can add a spark of flavour to any dish, and serve as incredible snacks by themselves. With some experimentation, you will find that olives are incredibly versatile and offer great health benefits when they are incorporated in meals.



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