What’s More Organic Than Organic Cribs and Organic Crib Sheets?

Organic Crib

So you’re thinking of spending money on an organic crib, because other cribs are hazardous to baby’s health.  However, the ones that are truly “organic” can be hard to find and usually cost more than a grand to buy one. Then there’s the fact that if non-organic cribs were unsafe, they wouldn’t be on the market. If you absolutely insist on having an organic crib, I can recommend the best places to get one.

How Do You Know if Your Organic Crib is Truly Organic?

Basically, an organic crib is a crib made out of pure hardwood, no plywood, FSO material, or “toxic” finishes. So, if you want a truly organic crib, you need to make sure that the wood used to make the crib is either pure hardwood or sustainably harvested wood. If you live in near an area with an Amish community, you may be in luck. Many organic cribs are made by Amish communities, who make pretty much everything from scratch and raw materials.

Cribs are no different. Short of building the crib yourselves, the Amish cribs are probably the best way to go. If you don’t live anywhere near an Amish community, you can search online but be very cautious about who and where you purchase your crib from. Some sites and businesses claim to have organically made products when in fact they do not. This means you will be over-paying for something that is no different than the dangerous $200 non-organic crib you find at a big-box store. Green Cradle is a seemingly legitimate company that sells all organic baby items, including cribs.

Organic Crib Sheets and Other Affordable Ways to Channel Your Inner-Earth Mother

If you don’t have the funds to be completely organic, you can spring for organic bedding accessories, like organic crib sheets, instead. You can usually find organic crib sheets and other bedding accessories for less than $30. When my son was born, we received some organic crib sheets from a relative.  The sheets, which were purchased from American Baby Company, were great. My vegan friend, who is also a mom, is a fan of the organic line by Aden and Anais, which you can find online. In addition to being more affordable, organic crib sheets, and other bedding accessories, are much easier to find both in stores and online. Target, Babies R Us, and Wal-mart are just a few places you can find organic crib sheets and other organic baby accessories.

There’s An Even Better and More Affordable Way to Be Organic Without the Organic Crib Sheets

In my opinion, the most organic thing you can give to your baby is your breastmilk. Think about it! It’s all-natural, it’s free, and, most importantly, it’s the healthiest and best way to nourish your baby. My son was a preemie, born two months premature. During his first month, he could only be fed through a feeding tube, so I used a pump. My son was supposed to stay in the NICU for the entire two months up to his original birth date.  However, he only stayed for a month. According to his physicians, my son’s fast progression was in large part due to my breastmilk. As a mother, you want to do all you can to help your babies. In my son’s case, I could do very little to help him during his first month of life, but the one thing I could do (which, of course, was to give him my breastmilk), turned out to be what helped him the most.

So, whether you go all out and splurge on a $2,000 organic crib or go just a little organic with crib sheets, the most organic and healthiest gift you can give to your baby is your breastmilk. That’s something you can’t put a price on.

Christine J. Williamson is blessed with two amazing kids and a great husband, and writes at I’m Super Mommy Blog.


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    Thanks for the heads up about companies claiming to have organic and they don’t. Wouldn’t that be false advertising? I will check out the Green Candle site.

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