Using the World Wide Web for Work and Play

Using the WWW

The internet is huge – really huge. With millions of pages and websites on subjects ranging from nature and history to technology and cute cats playing keyboards, there really is something for everyone out there.  If you need advice on your mortgage, there are thousands of websites available, or perhaps you want to know more about whales for a homework project?  Those with an interest in crafts can check out and those who want the latest football scores can find them in an instant.

So how come most of us only browse the same websites on a daily basis? The simplest answer is that we just don’t know much about our home computer or the Web, or how it could enrich our work lives and home lives at the same time. Here you will find a simple guide showing you how you can make the most of the internet and learn more about the amazing world at your fingertips.

Work Life

Work is something we all have to do, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  We have a wealth of information and software programs out there waiting for us, yet most of us stick with basic emails and the occasional clip-art. Now is the time to change all of that. Find a website that will guide you through all the wonderful options available to you on your home computer, including and start experimenting! You may actually find that the presentation you’ve been slaving over becomes a fun project once you get to grips with all the exciting features you can access, such as video conferencing, animation software and interactive slideshows.

School Life

Boring homework should become a thing of the past once you help your child to see what the internet has to offer. Recognised educational websites can offer reliable information that is easy to digest and give your child hints and tips on how to create fun and exciting projects themselves. You can also use the Web to ensure that your child only sees websites that are appropriate for them by using parental controls. For more information visit

Family Life

The internet isn’t just about work though, it’s also about having fun and finding new things to see and do. Many local areas across the country have their own websites set up to inform you about local events and attractions that you can visit. Plan a family day out by using local tourist websites, travel maps and weather forecasts to ensure you have a day of completely uninterrupted fun! Or, if you’re stuck indoors for an afternoon, check out recipes or home craft websites to give you some great ideas on how to spend some quality time together.

Fun Life

And finally, let’s not forget the other side of the internet – the silly stuff! If you’re ever feeling down or grumpy, you are sure to find a video clip on the World Wide Web that will make you laugh. Read jokes, funny quotes or simply browse page after page of cute baby animals until that smile is back on your face.


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