Five Fun Ideas for Your Next Mom’s Night Out

Wine & Cheese Tasting

Spending a night out with the girls is always a great idea. It gives you a chance to catch up with your BFFs and let your hair down. Here are some ideas for your next mom’s night out.


Take a trip to your nearest bingo hall and have an evening of shouting, laughing and dabbing out those numbers. These sorts of places aren’t like they used to be ten years ago. There’s a significantly younger clientèle, plenty of food and drink available and more games on offer than just the usual bingo games. Check out Mecca Bingo to get an idea of what to expect.

You’ll be able to sip on your favourite beverage surrounded by your favourite girls and a few bingo cards. There’s a thrill to winning that makes this a great night out.

Cocktail making

A mixology class is slightly more rewarding than the usual night out of drinking cocktails. You’ll find all sorts of classes and events available in your local area so it’s up to you what you choose.

You’ll learn how to make your favourite cocktails and you’ll get to drink them too. Perhaps even try your hand at making up your own cocktail.

Wine tasting

A civilised evening of wine or whiskey tasting is a great way to experience something new. You’ll get to try some beautiful drinks from around the world and you’ll be taught to pair it with food too. Look at the drinks you and your friends really enjoy and choose a tasting based on that.

If you’re not into your alcohol then perhaps go for a cheese tasting. This is another great way to sample some great food. There are also a lot of restaurants that offer tasting menus in case you want something a little less specific.

Extreme activities

Be brave and try something new. Why not treat you and your girls to a day of something exciting. You could choose from something like a high-wire adventure or zorbing. If you’re not sure what you fancy then look at some of the popular deals sites as they always have offers for fun days out.

You might learn a new skill or find out that you really love extreme sports. This sort of fun and excitement is also a great way to bond with your best friends, have a laugh and make some amazing memories.

Dinner at that exclusive restaurant

Perhaps there’s a restaurant in your area that is known for its beautiful menu, amazing décor and fine wines. It might not be the sort of place you go to on a regular basis but every once and a while you should treat yourself.

Spend the afternoon getting ready with a pampering session before putting on your prettiest frocks. Go for the most indulgent dishes and work your way through a number of courses of delicious food. Good conversation, a la carte cuisine and your best friends is a fantastic way to spend an evening.


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