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Tune into QVC’s Gifts for Grandkids on December 11th at 1pm EST for the top holiday gifts, including My Image Bracelet Maker!

Kids everywhere are pondering if it is better to give or to receive a lovingly made craft from one of Choose Friendship’s five creative kits. The blissful buzz on these crafty kits can be heard online, on the school bus and down the street as kids — boys and girls — create one-of-a-kind accessories that allow them to unplug and reconnect, including My Image Bracelet Maker. Tune into QVC’s Gifts for Grandkids on December 11th at 1pm EST for this exclusive deal!

A handmade creation, like a picture bracelet, is a wonderful visual reminder of a bond between family members or best friends. When it’s handmade, it’s made with kindness, affection and thoughtfulness, traits every kid should envelop. Just in time for the holidays, Choose Friendship is debuting My Image Bracelet Maker on QVC during the Gifts for Grandkids segment, December 11th at 1pm EST.

Charm your arm by using personal photos, magazine pictures, internet images or the included preprinted art cards to assemble bracelets that are totally you! Image Bracelets tell a story, serve as inspiration, and let you keep close at hand your amazing adventures and favorite friends. This one kit is the perfect way to express yourself and share with the people you care about!

My Image Bracelet Maker

Now you’re asking yourself—how do you use your own photos to make an image bracelet? There is a free MyPhotosizer app or website, that allows kids to easily upload and crop photos to a 4×6 card then simply print from a home printer or from a local photo center.  The enclosed cutting mechanism safely trims images precisely to size and fingers never come into contact with the cutter.  QVC’s Deluxe My Image Bracelet Maker makes 2 more bracelets and includes extra orange, red, white and clear glitter tiles and 2 additional holiday image sheets, not found in any other My Image Bracelet Maker kit! With the holidays right around the corner, don’t forget to tune into this QVC exclusive deal on December 11th at 1pm EST during Gifts for Grandkids!

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    That is pretty cool – what a way to make memories!

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    What a fun way to make memories!

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    this looks like such a fun way to save memories, my daughter would love this.

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    This is so cool! My daughter would go gaga over this!

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